Living from the heart

I wanted to write about this before I forgot why it’s so important to live from that place called the heart.

The heart. It’s this God-given thing that we have that moves us and makes us crazy. To follow your heart is, in my experience, almost always the right thing to do. My heart hasn’t failed me yet. It’s my head that has.

My heart will tell me to take a risk, dream big, and trust. My head will tell me to guard myself, prepare to be disappointed, and keep my expectations low. This is what I have found myself doing over the last few months. I’ve been following my head and while you might think that guarding yourself and expecting little should be little work it is far from that. It is work to squelch hope and to just get by each day. Slowly you come to believe that there isn’t a lot of good around anymore and the world becomes a darker place. It breeds insecurity and unbelief.

Maybe you think I’m giving the brain a bad rap. Your head/your mind are perfectly fine and living from that place has kept you safe and healthy and, well, fine. The mind is a wonderful thing – don’t get me wrong. This is where logic and reason lie. We need these things to survive and I try to use them often. What could smart people be excited about without their giant heads?

I am saying that your mind can talk you out of your heart. My heart will compel me to dream big and impossible while my head will say there is no way that’s going to happen so get over it.

My heart needs to win this battle of head versus heart. I might not achieve the impossible dream, but I need to dream it anyway. I need to believe in what could be. It’s this that keeps us going and keeps us alive. My heart will save me from myself.

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