The Over-sharer

Do you ever find people telling you things that make you really uncomfortable? There’s not a lot that makes me squeamish. I can take most things from friends. I have my fair share of weird things to say too. But, every once in a while you get that person – the overly-familiar person (they talk to you like they have known you for years, but you’ve only just met) that confides something to you that you weren’t sure you wanted to hear.

I was once ambushed in a conversation by talk of some colon cleansing treatment you can get done at a spa. There were actual pamphlets on this. Has anyone else heard of this?? No, don’t tell me! There were three of us in the conversation, but only two that took part. I really, really didn’t want to hear about these people’s colons being cleansed. I think that look of eeewww across my face should have been a dead give-away. But I was trapped and heard way more than I wanted to hear. I finally got away after I saw my way out. There was a friend in the crowd. I said something lame like, “I hope that goes well for you” to the enema twins and took off to a safe place.

Why oh why do people have a need to over-share? I first read about over-sharing in Entertainment Weekly. It was a great article about this compulsive need to share way too much about oneself, but in this case it was about celebrities – well, talk show hosts spilling their guts via the stage. There was some situation with Ellen and a dog that was no longer hers? I heard there was much pleading and tears.

Perhaps we need to gauge our audience a little. It’s okay to be choosy about who you’re going to share the intimate details of your life with. We all need to confide and confess, but maybe it’s not necessary to do that with everyone you come into contact with. I too have been an over-sharer. I once shared too much with someone and this someone was a friend and I thought she could handle what I was going to say. I wish I could describe the face that she made…. it was definitely not a ‘tell me more’ face. She was clearly uncomfortable.

I did find my target audience later after I shared it again with some other friends. They leaned forward and showed all signs of wanting to talk about it. I learned my lesson. If someone’s face is all scrunched up in an ‘I’m horrified’ way or they have become too quiet or they have actually said to you, that is too much information, then you probably need to stop.

Swept Up

In all things pirate!
I love boys’ clothes with pirate stuff on them. I found jammies that have skulls and crossbones all over them (for Ben – not for me) and I will receive them in 6 to 7 business days….. beautiful online shopping. My son, Benjamin, turned 3 two days ago. He had a pirate themed party. Here is Pirate Ben (costume made by gramma).

4 thoughts on “The Over-sharer

  1. Anonymous

    OMG! I over shared to some one only a few days ago…SO terrible!!!!! LOL!

    I love your blog I read it every day.

  2. Jenn Bateman

    Awesome- I love it.
    And I also fear the oversharing. I hate it when people go into detail about bodily functions. Oh my word, I do NOT want to know!
    And Ben is TOOOOOOOOOO cute. If you taught him to call people ‘scalywags’ that would be the BEST!

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