Swept Up

I love things that you can get swept up in. Music that makes you feel….. a movie that is not your life at all but you wish that it was…. books that grab you….. a really great sale. I can get caught up in quiet too. There is nothing quite like quiet. I can even get swept up in a good cup of coffee. In this state I am either very present or on top of the world. I love that feeling.

There are the every day realities of life and some of that is good and some of that is not so good, but I have things I can lose myself in or put myself in to and that gets me through. I get to temporarily be swept up and feel!

Growing up I didn’t often enjoy feeling. I found it awkward that feelings were always there and didn’t go away no matter how much I tried to distance myself from them. Now I relish them. Sad, happy, whatever…. I settle into it. I get quiet (quiet makes room for those pesky feelings) and I let the feelings well up. Non-feelers you should try this. Watch out though. You may feel things you have never felt before. That’s the danger of keeping your feelings at bay. Once you let those emotions in…… watch out!

If I’m sad I find the melancholy music that matches it. If I’m feeling thoughtful I’ll find music with some soul, go for a drive, or these days blog (apparently). If I’m feeling particularly dramatic I can talk someone into talking about the drama or go to the beach. The beach can be very dramatic. If I need to escape all of it I’ll go to a feel-good movie. I don’t let my emotions rule me, but I respect them and allow them a significant place in my life. Being swept us is exactly that. I can’t stay swept up. I have to come down – gravity and all. But, there is nothing like that moment or hour and a half of being completely connected or far away….

Speaking of being swept up I am beginning a little add on to my posts called Swept Up. This will be about things that inspire me or things that I just love.

Here is my very first Swept Up item:


There is a place in Fort Langley that has chocolate that is to die for. It’s called Euphoria Chocolates. They have hand made, wax and preservative free chocolate. My kids know the owner as the chocolate lady. They serve delicious coffee as well. If you look at the website take note that the times for when this place is open have changed. I know this because I am there that often. They open at 9am every day except Sunday.

If you go try the truffles – the dark chocolate/raspberry truffle is particularly yummy. And there is this milk chocolate/caramel/pecan cluster thing that you can’t help but love. I sound like a commercial, but, this place is that good.
Say hi to the chocolate lady for me.

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