I love TV. I used to feel guilty about my love for TV until I met my friend, Jenn, who also loves TV. She isn’t even ashamed to admit it! I have followed her example and I now proclaim my love for TV to anyone that will listen.

I think my love for it began while I was in the hospital. I spent all day every day in the hospital for seven months so my love for TV had a lot of time to develop and grow. I explored the world of travel. I discovered that Victor from Y & R looked exactly the same as he did all those years ago when I watched it as a kid with my mom. The stories had not changed either. I got to know all the ‘Friends’. Game shows became entertaining as well as challenging. TV filled up my time and kept me distracted and it still does that today.

It’s my port in the storm. When I’m feeling down or I can’t sleep or I’m just blah I turn on my television and I can almost always find something that will make me feel better. Even if it’s an episode of Seinfeld that I have seen a hundred times it’s comforting to know that the show is still there with its studio audience and stories about nothing. One of my favorite things to do is to get all of my treats together (chocolate – right now my favorite is the dairymilk fruit & nut bar….. yes, the old person’s chocolate bar, popcorn, and a coke & cream soda slush), put on my pajamas, get into bed, and watch a new episode of one of my favorite shows. Oh, how I heart you Lost, Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, the Office, Grey’s Anatomy……

TV can be unpredictable. There have been many times, without warning, there’s a repeat or a favorite show has been canceled. It can be quick to pull the plug. It’s hard to get over a canceled show that I love, but inevitably there’s an onslaught of new shows to take its place and I fall in love all over again.

I don’t have the TV on all the time. I have kids, so I need to spend time with them. I like to read and I like being outside. I do spend time with real people. But, that isn’t the point. It’s just that TV is always there for me. I can take a break from it when I want to. It’s on my terms. I switch the TV off and on. It makes me laugh and feel and sometimes cry. It’s my form of therapy and it comes with no strings attached. I can’t wait until the fall when all my favorites return. For now I have reruns and another favorite, Mad Men, to keep me company.

4 thoughts on “TV

  1. Jenn Bateman

    Oh, TV. Nothing better than being able to look forward to my stories after a long day. I am crossing off the days on my calendar until the fall season begins. Woot!

  2. O'Really

    TV is your enemy. Stop watching! Or do whatever you like!

    This may or may not be someone related to you. Certainly not a younger brother, who’s name isn’t Rick. ahem

  3. stace chomlack

    tv addict here too…
    i could shake with the excitement of the shows in fall… i schedule my life around them and i am not ashamed.

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