Worst Case Scenario

Do you notice that people (including me) start a lot of sentences like that? Worst case scenario……. we lose the house and live on the street. Worst case scenario……. I have no job and we’ll be penniless. Worst case scenario……. it’s cancer and it’s a rare form that’s inoperable. These are extreme examples, but a lot of us do this all the time just on a lesser scale.

Do you think there really is such a thing as a bright side? And how can there be when we’re always playing worst case scenario?

Do you sense a theme with what I’ve writing about over the last while?

If I look at everything through my giant lens of fear there will always be a dark shadow cast over everything that I want, desire, and need. I see the flaws before I can get my hopes up. Everything is already falling apart before it has a chance to come together. There’s no silver lining. And I am suffocating.

Don’t we sometimes want to get our hopes up – stupidly, blindly get our hopes up? Take a risk with our heart on that someone we’re getting to know? Believe that we can achieve what we set out to do? Have that perfect something fall into our laps?

I know we run the risk of getting hurt, being disappointed, and ultimately crushed but maybe, just maybe something will work out. You’ll find what you have always wanted. That someone will like you back. Your business built on integrity and passion might be successful after all. And like all Disney princesses your dreams will come true.

Bright side or worst case scenario? I’m going to get my hopes up and pick bright side.

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  1. Anonymous

    I absolutely love the way you express yourself. This is a wonderful blog that I am sure to keep revisiting. Truly thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you!

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