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I loved this article. Loved it! The author is Meg Cadoux Hirshberg and I would like for her to become my very new best friend. For anyone that is an entrepreneur or married to an entrepreneur this is for you. I felt like I was reading about me and my life except for the millions of dollars part of it.

To be married to a dreamer and gambler – not playing the slots in Vegas kind – but a gambler nevertheless can be an adventure and a nightmare all in one. I love the man in my life and believe in him, but nothing is safe…. ever.

I tried getting in touch with her via the magazine, then by searching all over the world wide web, but I can’t reach her. I don’t want to be her stalker. I want to give her an ‘I love your article’ shout out. Meg, where are you??

3 thoughts on “Shout Out

  1. O'Really

    Hi. I recommend getting their newsletter. So that when they reply and send you the newsletter, you will get their email address. (which is damned near impossible to find-ergh)

    Then, let your admiration for Meg Hirshberg be known.

    PS: I tried looking too. I think getting the newsletter to that website is your best bet.

  2. amisare waswerebeen

    Thanks for that article. It made me feel a lot better about only being late on a few bills and thankful that I’m not inhaling yogurt curds every night.

  3. Heidi

    o’really, thanks for the tip. I’m looking into it.

    amisare, I know! Yogurt curds… ick… just this reminder that things weren’t going the way they wanted them to go. I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

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