To Vent

Do you ever find yourself in a position where you want to vent – to really go off about someone that is driving you crazy?? I want to vent and not censor myself or be judged. And you know what? That can never happen. I am always worried, mid vent, that I’m saying the meanest thing ever or that I’m being judged for saying the meanest thing ever. So I can vent, but only a little and then I have to say things like I love them or I’m just grouchy or something like that.

I know we shouldn’t tear one another down. We’re supposed to build each other up. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. I have my flaws and I am sure people have talked about me. “She can be so neurotic; shut up already; what is that thing on her face?” (I have a blemish – the polite word for ‘ginormous zit’ – on my cheek right now. It is freaking me out.)

Venting is only as good as the ventee though – the person that you let loose on. They listen without judgment and if they are a good ventee they will vent with you. It’s such relief when they do because you’re not alone. Someone else is being bad with you. It’s even sweeter relief when not only do they listen, vent too, but they agree with your vent. They don’t try to make you see the other person’s point of view. They’re not being fair. They just take in the vent and nod their heads. Afterward the venter and ventee walk away from the conversation unscathed and lighter. I have only experienced this once or twice in my life. It was so good, but you know it’s something you can’t have a lot of or you’ll get fat on it and it will turn against you.

So, since these profound venter/ventee relationships are hard to come by let me give you some unasked-for advice. If you choose to vent select the person you’re venting to carefully. Then vent lightly and directly – don’t pretend that you’re not venting. Try not to say anything that will haunt you later. Make sure the person you’re venting about isn’t related to the person you’re venting to. Don’t feel too bad about your bad feelings. I’m sure it’s not everything about that person that drives you crazy. It’s just one or two things that take you to the edge. It doesn’t mean you are mean. Give yourself a break and vent away!

Swept Up

In Package Express
If you don’t know about this place you will now thank me or hate me because I have just fed your shopping addiction. My friend, Lesley, told me about package express. I don’t know whether I love her or hate her. It’s right across the Sumas border. You sign up with them. They give you an address and a number, then, presto! You are online shopping and having things sent there. They notify you by email when your package arrives and it costs you all of four dollars when you pick it up. It’s much cheaper than having things sent to Canada. It is genius.

3 thoughts on “To Vent

  1. Loraleigh

    Do you need a phone call???

    Abut the “In Package Express” Oh how Jason laments that we didn’t live closer to the border!

  2. tlc

    The worst is when you feel that venting urge and no one is around because then you end up muttering and stomping and just looking generally like a crazy person.

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