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Ummm….. okay, so people aren’t into the lists. Here are my views from Monday’s post:

socks or bare feet in bed – socks? I’m not sure why I stuck this in
hair down or up – down
cardigans – I like them. They’re good for layering and all that. Scott hates them. Jenn, I enjoyed “bust out a cardigan”
hardwood or laminate – definitely hardwood
the new JJ Abrams show – Fringe – I like it. I’m not in love yet, but it’s got potential for love
gravel or bark mulch – bark mulch. stupid gravel. always getting into my shoes
leprechauns or hobbits – leprechauns because they’re green and cute
red or blue – right now….blue
ice cream or chips – ice cream
dark or milk – dark
summer or fall – fall
Tina Fey – infatuated
love or like – like
black and white or colour – colour
lady or woman – I’m kinda into lady right now
the use of the word alrighty – it’s very fuddy duddy. very Trey from ‘Sex & the City’

2 thoughts on “views answered

  1. Anonymous

    Kathryn's thoughts on Heidi's thoughts:
    Bare feet–for sure.
    Hair up!!!I hate the way it feels on the back of my neck..and my bangs get in the way of head turning.
    I DO NOT own a cardigan…not sure why though, because I really like them!
    Hardwood for sure
    Haven't yet experienced fringe, but it's on my to do list
    Bark mulch…because it's more "earthy" looking
    Friggin leprechauns..still trying to catch on of those bastards!! LOL
    red or blue—GREEN!!!!!!!
    chips or ice cream- I prefer chips
    Dark or milk—Dark for sure
    Summer or fall- FALL
    Tina who????
    love or like– lOVE
    B&W or Colour- Colour Colour, I love colour–there I go again throwing that love word around
    Woamn or lady- Lady
    Hey!!! I totally use alrighty–I am a bit of a fuddy duddy though…so whatever–I'll keep using it!! 🙂

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