It’s Monday and I had trouble sleeping last night.

Could that have been the most awkward opening of the Emmys ever? Thank God for Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey.

I’m having trouble putting coherent thoughts together today. So, I decided to do this.

I like lists. Here is a silly list of things I came up with for any willing participants to answer. No, you don’t need to forward this on. (I know how some of you hate that sort of thing.) I would like to know your views on…..

socks or bare feet in bed
hair down or up
hardwood or laminate
the new JJ Abrams show – Fringe
gravel or bark mulch
leprechauns or hobbits
red or blue
ice cream or chips
dark or milk
summer or fall
Tina Fey
love or like
black and white or colour
lady or woman
the use of the word alrighty

There’s no test here. No personality quiz. No points at the end. You will not find out if you are an extrovert or introvert. You won’t know if you are a deep thinker and melancholic or high strung and hospitable. You won’t find out if you need to be institutionalized or will you find your calling or the career you are meant for. None of that.

I await your answers in the comment section of this post!

I will give you my views later….

Swept Up

In Tina Fey

She deserved every award she got yesterday. I really would love it if we could be friends. I’m not kidding. Maybe our kids could have a playdate and Tina and I would have cupcakes and coffee. I wonder if she likes cupcakes?
And, boo, to 30 Rock not being back on until the 30th of October! Until then Tina! (Unless, of course, that playdate happens)

4 thoughts on “Views

  1. Jenn Bateman

    Tina Fey is a lovely genius. My favorite line from the Emmys is when she said her parents gave her a ton of confidence that was disproportionate to what her looks or talent would have otherwise let her achieve. She’s so awesome.

    Also, milk chocolate (or that new Dove Dusk), cardigans are the greatest and I always choose fall over summer (mostly because I can bust out the cardigans).

  2. Mar

    I will comment on what I have an opinion on…
    bare feet
    LOVE the “cardi”
    dark or milk (I don’t discriminate)
    and on that note, I love you Heidi, and I miss you. I’m sorry that we haven’t connected. I’m not screening!?! We’ll talk soon…

  3. Heidi

    jenn, I’ll have to put that dusk on my list of things to try. That was a great line! (The Tina Fey line)

    mar, I love you too!! Screener! haha. I am all about the screening. I probably call you at all the wrong times – stupid 3 hour difference. From one screener to another we’ll talk soon….

    Looks like cardigans and fall win.

  4. Katie

    bare feet (and preferably hanging off the bed)
    hair up (like a librarian…or ballerina)
    cardigans all the way
    hardwood for sure
    Fringe: love it! but scares me too much…
    gravel and bark mulch are both out; not very comfortable for walking on
    hobbits are pretty cute; I respect their love for food, drink, smoking, etc.
    red is beautiful
    chips, how I love chips. peter calls me a "chip whore" actually!
    fall is my favourite time of year; I love the weather, with the cardigans for sure, and I LOVE the food
    love is hard, liking is more fun
    tina fey is HILARIOUS
    colour for sure; kind of like old testament vs. new testament, you know? maybe?
    I am uncomfortable with both the words lady and woman! not sure where this leaves me…
    alrighty is kind of like, "wusssssuppppp???!!!"

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