I know all about acceptance. I practice it. I believe in it. It’s how we get on with our lives.

Acceptance can be a bitch when you don’t want to accept.

Acceptance isn’t condoning. It is not resignation. It is not settling. It is making peace with.

Acceptance is steeped in reality. You face what is there, stand still for a minute, and say okay. I don’t have to like this, but I am going to hold this word in that part of my brain where I know better – where it flashes in neon orange. ACCEPT. ACCEPT. ACCEPT. Hmmm…..I’m going to change that. Instead of neon orange it’s going to be soft white twinkle lights because I like twinkle lights. accept. accept. accept. See? Less harsh.

I can’t control the uncontrollable in my life. But I can, with eyes wide open, hang on. I can find that place in me that says peace, in very pretty writing I might add, and stand on it.

Swept Up

In the Cranberry Festival
Saturday, October 11th is the annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival! It’s all cranberries and fall and outdoors and we will definitely be going.

5 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Dorkys R.

    But it’s so very hard to have acceptance when you’re lacking faith. Faith that it all happens for a reason. And if you’re lacking those two then I guess it’s hard to make peace with anything that goes against what you’d hope for.

    And that’s where I am. But I so desperately want to have faith, accept, and make peace since those are cornerstones for happiness.

  2. Dorkys R.

    P.S. I just read through your archives as well as your story and find you so amazingly inspiring there are just no words. I hope I possess that same amount of strength within me to fight through what I’m going through now and anything else that comes my way. Thanks so much for popping into my life 🙂

  3. Heidi

    dorkys r., hello and welcome!
    First, thanks for your kind words – how sweet are you?!?

    It’s all about the journey isn’t it? I don’t know if we ever arrive, but we work through, strive for, and, hopefully, have these delicious moments of where we break through and get to the good stuff. I think those moments make all the journeying worthwhile.

    Thanks for coming on by. I enjoyed your other comments as well.:)

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