I wonder if being is harder than it looks. It is seemingly hard to achieve because I hear “I just want to be” a lot. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it more than a few times in my 34 years of living. Do you think this state of being is all in your head? That we can reach that enlightened nirvanaesque place in our minds?

I do think this – that all of that being is about being you. The you that you are meant to be. We have expectations, obligations, and chores but in that there you are. The glue at the center. You are stretched but you don’t come apart.

Being, from what I can gather, isn’t about immobility. It’s not about laziness. Or finding perfect peace. It is knowledge and an understanding of who you are and being able to rest in that. You are you and that is good enough. You change and grow, but the core of you is the same.

Maybe going after this state of being isn’t in your head, but what lies in your heart. Your gut. Your knower (as Scott would say). Where is your heart and what matters to you? Man, I am taking the estrogen up a notch today. Perhaps it is your head that needs to play catch up with your heart.

Swept Up

In Mad Men
This second season has just come to a close and it was one where the women reigned. I know a few people thought this season didn’t measure up to the first, but I think they’re wrong. That’s right – wrong. The women that play the characters Betty, Peggy, and Joan were truly remarkable. I couldn’t take my eyes off of these women and looked forward to every scene they were in. If you’re not a Mad Men follower pick up the first season and watch. It’s a show set in the 60s and the creators pay close attention to the details of that. It can be a tad slow at times, but it is engrossing and fascinating seeing the lives of these characters unfold.

10 thoughts on “Being

  1. Heidi

    suz, No, I do not but I will now! I just checked the blog out….thanks!

    It really was, wasn’t it?

  2. Heidi

    a good season I meant. (in response to my last response to suz’s response of liking the season) sheesh!

  3. dawn

    i love what you said “you’re stretched but you don’t come apart”. even if sometimes we feel like we’re going to! sometimes i worry that i think too’s so nice to know you’re out there heidi…thinking about it too! and good that we can lighten it up when we need to also! 🙂

  4. Lesley

    Zen… i think Calvin Klein coined the phrase CK “BE”! 🙂 I think I’m on estrogen overload – can you tell…

  5. Heidi

    dawn, us thinkers need to stick together….it’s nice knowing you’re out there too. Your comments are so full of thought and heart…it makes me smile every time.

    lesley, I forgot about CK BE! I should have thrown in a recipe and made it super estrogenized. xo

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