Calendar girl

For the month of October I am profiled on the BCPFF burn fund (BC Professional Firefighters burn fund – try saying that 3 times really fast) website under the adult survivor program.

Every month they pick a burn survivor to profile. It is written for the burn survivor community. It is meant to encourage other burn survivors, but I think, more than that, for burn survivors to not feel isolated in their journeys. There are some pretty amazing stories out there.

This month it’s me. I’m October. (There’s something I thought I would never say.) Here’s my story.

5 thoughts on “Calendar girl

  1. Jordan Bateman

    Ooh, you’re Miss October. So cool.

    Just joking. I love your story. It’s equal parts amazing and inspirational and I am excited to know you in real life.

    And I am hoping that as Miss October you’ll sign my calendar (total collectors item…)

  2. Jordan Bateman

    Ah Crap. That was from me, Jenn. Stupid having to use Jordan’s computer so it looks like HE is being witty. But, NO!! It’s me, JENN! I just have to use Jordan’s computer as Dee spilled water into my keyboard.

    Jordan doesn’t swoom with near the magnitude I do. SO THERE!

  3. dawn

    your story moved me. we never know what others go through until they tell their stories. thank you for sharing yours.

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