There is a lot of clutter here right now. Only you can’t see it. It’s all tucked away in drawers.

I have been going through my house decluttering one drawer at a time. There are a lot of drawers around here. It is an agonizing slow process. Normally I do it all at once. I have often tackled my closet and I will stay there until the bitter end. I don’t rest. I don’t stop for snacks. I ignore everyone around me. It might take hours and I might be starving, exhausted, and people are neglected, but I will have an organized clutter-free closet.

I have gone through some of my kitchen drawers and have come away with a bag and a half of things that are garbage. Bank statements that have been colored on. Way too many take-out menus. Old phone books. Why do I still have phone books from the year 2006? Glitter glue. Stickers. Scraps of paper with my writing that I cannot decipher….

I’m not a hoarder. I don’t collect things. I like straight clean lines and I like a place for everything. I go on cleaning rampages. Cleaning can be as deeply satisfying to me as having a good heart-to-heart with a friend. I am no ‘I should be on Oprah’ because my house is growing mold and I have magazines dating back to the 70’s stacked to the ceiling. But, these drawers are proving that I have another personality. Another side to me. A side that says I don’t give a rat’s ass about this mess. My clean self is ignoring my messy self and my messy self has taken over these drawers.

And the guiltiest drawers in my house? My bathroom drawers. Make-up, hair stuff, jewelery and thank-you cards clutter up my bathroom. I don’t know why the thank you cards are there but there they are. They were bought years ago. I do that with cards. I buy cards in advance for some occasion that hasn’t happened yet and I hold onto them waiting for the right time. Then I forget about them. Now they live in my drawer along with hair pins, earrings, elastic bands, hair bands, old brushes, and buttons that have no home. It is drawer after drawer of this. Poor Scott has two drawers that are solely his. I have one….two….six drawers that I hog. Six! Not to mention a shelving unit in the corner and a cabinet under the sink. I think maybe I should be ashamed of myself.

I have attempted to organize this bathroom and have been successful a few times. I cleared the drawers of old hair product and perfume bottles with only a few drops of perfume left. I even removed outdated hair bands and aging foundation.

It’s the little things I can’t part with.

I can never bring myself to throw that red button away or the green one for that matter. I’m sure there is a shirt or sweater somewhere that will lose a button and I’ll have one (the green or the red) to take its place. I can’t bear to throw out jewelery that I might one day want to wear again even though I haven’t worn some of it in years. To justify that sort of behavior I will say that I started to wear my pearl earrings again and a year ago I was not wearing pearls. So, you see, it is worth it.

So, I’m saving these drawers for that day when my messy self is ready to give it up to my clean self. Until then I’ll declutter elsewhere.

What’s your drawer, closet, room of shame? C’mon. You know you have one.

Swept Up

In these bathrooms
I figured it was appropriate since I was talking bathrooms to put up some bathrooms here.
I have a pretty great bathroom. Despite the clutter it is a room that I love. I don’t have a photo of it, but I have these photos that I stole from one of those home magazines. I can’t remember which one.

I am in love with those windows and all of that tile on the wall not to mention that tub. sigh.

I think this bathroom is kinda fun. I’m not a big fan of wallpaper but I think this suits. And I like that chandelier.

This bathroom is adorable. Except for that TV in the corner. It’s too charming of a bathroom for that.

2 thoughts on “Declutter

  1. Dorkys R.

    Ooh I love those bathrooms. I always want to make mine a little more conducive to long baths and relaxation with candles and whatnot but I’m always too busy to make it happen.

    And I just moved out on my own so I FINALLY have space for my stuff and like keeping each thing where it belongs (for ex: dirty clothes clearly belong on the bathroom floor), lol. No, I try to keep everything in its place and so far I’m doing ok.

    At mom’s house though, my sole closet was a hot mess because that was the only real space I had store anything and everything.

    Btw, I tagged you today!!

  2. Heidi

    dorkys r, I think my new favorite thing is “hot mess”. I am so going to use that. love it.
    I’ll get to the tag. Right now I am in desperate need of a cup of coffee….

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