Fluff and the pvr

Who doesn’t need a bit of fluff on a Monday? Here are a few things that are making me happy today.

30 Rock is back on Thursday this week! I am pretty excited about that (you know how I love my stories), but I will be pvring it because……….my friend, Tanya, invited me to the Madonna concert!! which happens to fall on Thursday. As far as I know Madonna has never performed in Vancouver. I’m not in love with her latest album, but, hello. It’s Madonna. She has been a big part of my growing up soundtrack. Can’t wait!! Maybe I will pay tribute by wearing lacy gloves and a pointy bra. Okay, maybe not.

The Lost trailer for season 5 (I tried to link it but I’m having trouble with it, so this will just lead you to you tube, but search for the trailer. It’s worth it if you’re a Lost fan. It’s short but thrilling.)

The Canadian Superstore. I now have Halloween candy, snow pants for Ben and boots for Annie for cheap, cheap, cheap.

Speaking of Halloween candy it is making me very happy too. Is it just me or does the variety of the candy seem to get, well, more various over the years?

It’s not all fluff. Here are some things I’m thinking about…..

What does it mean to be emotionally available? Really – what does that mean? I hear it everywhere.

Do you find that in our current global state (you know – financial crisis everywhere) you are digging deeper and discovering what really matters?

Why is my pvr telling me there is no space available when, I last checked, it was only 11% full? (I am big on keeping my recording space as clutter free as possible) This is really irritating me because it’s all locked down and that means I have to call my cable company and find out what the frick is going on. Remember the days when you just hit the TV hard and everything would go back to normal?

Swept Up

In Winter Wear

I love scarves and hats and mitts. This scarf is from the girls section at the Gap.

14 thoughts on “Fluff and the pvr

  1. Kate Coveny Hood

    I think that “emotionally available” is just the opposite of “emotionally UNavailable”. I’ve heard the latter used often, but not really the former. Maybe “emotionally available” will be the “emotionally unavailable” of 2009. I assume it means that someone is open to reciprocal feelings while the unavailable types just shut down. Ultimately it just sounds like trendy armchair psychology chatter.

    I LOVE Lost and can’t wait!

    If you still have trouble with pvr – just watch it on the network website. We don’t have dvr, pvr, tivo, etc. – so I have to watch everything on the computer if I miss it during prime time (which I always do). This is fine for nbc/abc shows – but I’m having a big problem with Gossip Girl. Totally missed this season so far – and they don’t have all episodes online. Just one of my many big problems in life…

    Have a great time at the concert!

  2. dawn

    yeah for 30 rock! dear god we have waited way too long haven’t we?
    what a great question about being emotionally available. in my humble opinion, i think like all things, that it changes depending on what our boundaries happen to be at any given time and mostly they are permeable at best. but overall, i’ve often thought that being emotionally available meant that we are able to be present with someone without an agenda of our own. to be able to allow ourselves the time and open mindedness to walk alongside another human being in their emotional state and validate it for them as well as witness it. i spend a lot of time worrying and thinking about that one in my personal and professional lives. it’s a biggie for sure. 🙂

  3. KassyK

    Yay for 30 rock…and Madonna (she is amazing live)…and the Lost trailer! You just made my week. 🙂

  4. Heidi

    kch, I love that emotionally available is the ’emotionally UNavailable of 2009. Love that.
    Yay Lost!
    People that live in the US have access to the online shows. Sadly, us Canadians are shut out of that web freedom. boo. I did get my pvr fixed though over the phone. It astounds me that I can call and they don’t have to send anyone over. I feel so old and I’m not that old.

    dawn, another 30 rock fan!! It has been too long.
    And can I say wow!! to what you said. I loved this: “i’ve often thought that being emotionally available meant that we are able to be present with someone without an agenda of our own.” Perfection.

    kassyK, Oh 30 rock….how can this show not have more people watching it?? It’s genius.
    I bet Madonna is great live. I’ll find out soon enough!
    There are a couple of Lost trailers out there – one that just rehashes what happened in the last few seasons and then the latest where they are returning to the island. Apparently ABC took it off their site….I wonder why. Anyway, I’m glad to have made your week. 🙂

  5. Jenn Bateman

    You’re going to MADONNA?!?!? WHA?

    I will be MOST excited your report afterwards re: the superfans. You know the ones. The CRAZY Madonna people. The women (and men) that will be dressed like her. The crying, wailing and shrieking hysterically. You’re right, she’s never been people. These people have been storing up for 20 years!

    Oh my. Only Madonna could make you miss the 30 Rock season premier! 🙂

  6. Heidi

    jenn, oh yeah, friend! Thanks to Tanya! I’m hoping there will be at least a couple of older songs. I know there’s a set list out there somewhere, but I’m staying away from anything that will take away from the surprise of it all.

  7. Mental P Mama

    Madonna?! You are going to love it! By the way, I sometimes hit the tv hard. It just makes me feel all better.

  8. Heidi

    mental p mama, I once hit my vhs machine (remember those?) very hard once in a fit of why isn’t this working?? and broke it. Thank you to whomever created the dvd.

  9. Dorkys Ramos

    I read this post yesterday and then totally forgot to come back and comment. My sis told me about surfthechannel.com last month. They have TV shows, cartoons, movies, documentaries and you don’t have to download any of them 🙂

    I just got into Lost in April and still have to watch season 4 before season 5 comes back in ’09. Oh Sawyer…. 🙂

  10. Heidi

    dorkys, I’ll check it out.
    Season 4 is sooo great (way better than season 3) and Sawyer is something…

  11. sugarlens

    I am looking for new scarves for the winter. I’ve only found out earlier this year when I was in SF that scarves really work wonders!

    That one from the Gap is really cute!

  12. Heidi

    sugarlens, this one is from the girl kids section. they always carry such cute scarves and hats….so much color!

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