For Fun

It’s important to play, right? You should balance out work with play unless you’re me and part of your work is play. That’s the thing about being mom.

Play is right up there with hobby for me. Have you been in a job interview or filled out a form that asks you to list your hobbies? This is the part of the form that I spend the most time on. I can list my strengths and weaknesses. I have that down pat. It’s the hobbies that make me go blank. I can never come up with one that sounds hip or smart. Umm….I like to read (which I do). Can eating chocolate be a hobby? I like shopping (which is on hold right now). Sometimes I leave that one out because of my fear of coming off shallow and there is no way that can sound cool when you’re up against someone that snowboards or skydives. Scott used to skydive and he would tell me how free he felt up there and how it gave him perspective. You know – small being in a big universe. What could I say about shopping? I feel a rush and it puts me in touch with the small child within?

I think I’ve outgrown hobbies. Hobby makes me think of Holly Hobby (does anyone remember her? I had Holly Hobby wallpaper in one of my childhood rooms), knitting, rocking chairs and stamp collecting. There is nothing wrong with knitting or rocking chairs or being a stamp collector. It just doesn’t fit. Not a TV watching chocolate eating shopper like myself.

The idea of play is a novel one. I know it’s supposed to be a no-brainer, but it’s almost too ambitious for me. Like I have to live up to it. So, I’m going to substitute play for fun. What do you do for fun? That takes it down a notch. The pressure is off and my previous list doesn’t seem so bad. I can also add to the list. Things that make me laugh (anything Flight of the Conchords right now and 30 Rock which returns soon), friends, walking through leaves – you know – when there are so many leaves on the sidewalk they kick up when you walk through them, going out for dinner, answering my kids’ questions which seem to get more bizarre by the question, and being outside on my deck with a glass of wine….these things are fun to me. Maybe not wild and crazy fun, but still fun.

Swept Up

In more of the fall
So far so good with this season. It’s still gorgeous. There is a lot of sun (which is saying something for BC). The leaves are all gold and red. And the air smells so good. I know it’s going to draw to a close soon, so I want to get in as much of the fall as I can.
We’re trying out the Apple Barn today since we abandoned aldor acres the other day. This is a photo of the pumpkins we carved.

8 thoughts on “For Fun

  1. Kate Coveny Hood

    Ah – but that is one of the perks of having a blog. You can now add a new item to your ubiquitous reading and travel-related “hobbies”: writing. And if that doesn’t sound hip and smart and don’t know what does.

    As for play – that changes when you have children and as they grow up. Before children, my play would include wandering around the Smithsonian, going to brunch with friends, movies, evenings out (and of course shopping). But now that I have small children, play usually revolves around their entertainment. As they get older, I suppose a lot of our free time will be spent going to their activities (and hopefully when they are old enough – we’ll do more dinners and brunches without the expensive babysitter fees).

    What an important priority to target. Thanks for making me think about that one.

  2. Dorkys R.

    It’s so easy to keep pushing playing aside- chalking it up to things kids do. But it’s so important to let out that child within. Why is it we have no problem making time for work and deadlines and not fun and games?

    And I had the same problem too with coming up with good interview “hobbies.” I always try and come up with serious fun stuff…like reading, writing, zzzzzz

  3. Heidi

    kch, kudos to you for using the word ubiquitous. Seriously. I have had that word in my head for the last few hours.
    I remember wandering around before kids too. What is it about wandering around? Every once in a while I still try and do that. Maybe that’s what I love about shopping….

    dorkys r, you always make me smile. It’s the little things like zzzz at the end of the sentence.

  4. Dorkys R.

    Haha, that’s because I’m a sillyhead 🙂

    But that’s so sweet of you. It’s nice to know you made someone smile!

  5. curious girl (lisa)

    yes play! I had a Holly Hobby dress (complete with bonnet, no less) that I USED TO WEAR TO SCHOOL. I don’t know what my mom was thinking.

  6. sugarlens

    Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be keeping up with yours! I am super crushing your colors and design.

  7. Heidi

    lisa, may I call you lisa? I LOVE that you had the dress with the matching bonnet and, best of all, that you wore it to school! School!! Too funny! I would have been so jealous.

    mrs. r, they’re great. Have you seen the business time bit? So far that’s my favorite shtick that they do.

    sugarlens, thank you! your blog is dee-lightful!! (I’ll be visiting yours too)

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