In life do you wish for the road to be smooth or wish for the gumption to get over those hurdles?

I’m wishing for both. I’m wishing for smooth roads and until then gumption.

Gumption makes me think of Kate Winslet whom I admire. She is one classy lady.

Gumption is courage wrapped in chutzpah! It’s not as somber as brave or as longwinded as overcoming. It almost sounds fun.

Gumption belongs to a quirky whimsical female character who says what’s on her mind in a great novel. She is flawed (because aren’t we all?) and confident. She is a ‘jumps in with both feet’ kind of girl.

It is what you pull out when life is varying shades of gray. When you’re all bored and listless. When life is like blah stringy hair that gets in your eyes. You punch it up with some gumption.

My road is not smooth at the moment. It’s all bits of gravel that get into my shoes and bumps I keep tripping over because I didn’t see them coming, but I’m not going down without a fight. It appears as though I might have something called gumption!

Swept Up

In pumpkin pie
Yeah, you might see a theme of all things pumpkin and fall this month. I am crazy about this season and crazy about pumpkin pie! There was a knock at my door yesterday afternoon and I opened the door to find my friend Kathryn holding a freshly baked using pumpkins from her garden pumpkin pie! Isn’t that such a nice neighbourly thing to do? I had two pieces yesterday and I’m planning on having more today with Gossip Girl – my new sick TV addiction. Why do I like this show so much?

Thanks Kathryn for my first piece of pumpkin pie this fall! It was soooo good!

4 thoughts on “Gumption

  1. Maggie, Dammit

    I guess I was essentially asking the same question in my own post today. If it’s all smooth, how can we appreciate it? I just don’t know.

    I love the image of the stringy hair.

  2. Heidi

    maggie, It’s true – it can’t all be smooth. These are the things that help shape us…..again, like that girl from your post. I so loved that post!

  3. Loraleigh

    Hey Gossip Girl has become my latest TV addiction! Good to know that even though the distace is far, and my visits are so few and far, at least we will always have TV! 🙂

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