Hope is a gamble. You hold out your hand and wonder if it will be filled or stay, palm up, empty.

Trust, butterflies, and looking up……steady as she goes. Hope is belief. It is color and what’s possible.

Hopelessness swallows you inch by inch. It is feet shuffling and nothing on the horizon.

I will always bet on hope. Even if that hope is deferred I will not give up on it. It is a life-preserver. Itโ€™s what makes the world go โ€˜round.

Hope wins every time.

Swept Up

In family

My kids after I said, “smile”.

In handbags by matt & nat

Aren’t these yummy??

12 thoughts on “Hope

  1. tiff

    Hope is all we have some days. If there is no hope there is nothing.

    I’m with you. I’ll take hope.

  2. Heidi

    tiff, I am hoping for you today…hoping that everything will work out…hoping you get the answers and care that you and your family need.

  3. Dorkys R.

    So poetic…

    It’s true. Sometimes hope is what gets us through the hard days even if it seems like there’s no use and everyone says to just give up. Hope was what got me through some hard months and gave me strength to make it through until I was able to start letting go. And even today I haven’t been able to release hope completely.

  4. dawn

    your kids couldn’t be any cuter! seriously. i loved what you said about hope. and i have to say that it has been a lifeline that i have clung to many times in my life. and those purses…talk about hope! as in a hope i get one of them from santa this christmas! haha!

  5. Heidi

    dawn, you’re right – hope is a lifeline. It’s one I use often. We are both putting hope in Santa for those purses!! They look like candy!

    dorkys r, why thank you! I’ll pop on over and check it out….

  6. Live More Now (LMN)

    You have very cute kids. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the kind comment! I just popped onto yours but will have fun browsing around. Have a great day!!

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