Scott and I got married eight years ago two days ago. And we forgot. My mom called me that morning to wish us a happy anniversary. Oh.

I don’t write about my family too much here. They get honorable mentions, but not whole posts dedicated to them. This blog is more of a place for me and my scattered thoughts. However today I want to say a little something about Scott..

He is smart, funny, and one of the good guys. He needs space, suffers from blackberry addiction, sees the big picture, and is my best friend.

We met and liked who we met. A few weeks later we were thrown into a life we didn’t expect, didn’t want, but got anyway. Dating came later. Much, much later. We were fast forwarded through life. We couldn’t slow down and hit that pause button until two years after the “I think I might really like you.”

We got married and through long conversations, fights, laughter, kids, chasing dreams, risking everything, and doing a lot of living together I still choose him. We are opposites and never have I been more aware of that than I have this last year, but being opposites works for us. We make it work.

There is no one I would rather do all of this – this meaning life, marriage, dream – with than him. I love him, but more importantly I really, really like him.

Swept Up

In Paper-Ya
This is a store found in Granville Island – a place in Vancouver that I love. And I mean love. It is all things paper and all things associated with paper. Every kind of pen, notebook, journal, decorative paper, card you could dream of. It’s a dangerous place to be in. You’ll suddenly want to book bind and buy cards for every occasion. I don’t need a Hanukkah card, but it’s there and look how cute it is…….this place is like that. It is all about buying things you don’t need. I have a buffer of a whole lot of traffic and a 45 minute drive which prevents me from visiting too often. But when I visit….watch out!

14 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Dorkys Ramos

    Such a sweet post. Happy anniversary to you both!

    And I would probably go bankrupt in a store like that. I LOVE stationery.

  2. Live More Now (LMN)

    I really really LIKE this post. 🙂 There is a difference between loving and liking someone, and though we may commit to loving someone, it sometimes is hard to like them (in the moment). Good for you two making this balanc work, and as you say, continuing to CHOOSE each other. That is huge. Now GO CELEBRATE!!!!

  3. Kate

    I love your very real tribute to your husband, your marriage and really marriage itself. Happy anniversary!

  4. Heidi

    lmn, kate, thank you! Our anniversary was 2 days ago. I wanted to post this then, but didn’t have time until now which goes to show you how we could forget about the anniversary…too busy!!

    Thanks for the kind comments. 🙂

  5. Jenn Bateman

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. So cute.

    I really respect your relationship- I think you have so much to offer and teach eachother. You guys are so good for eachother- you’ll never get bored, that’s for sure!

    And your right, he is SO one of the good guys.

    GREAT post.

  6. Heidi

    jenn, awwww! Thank you. That means a lot. You’re right – hardly ever a dull moment around here. Just when I get too comfortable the whole game changes….

  7. sugarlens

    Super sweet, especially the “I love him, but more importantly I really, really like him.” Awwww…

    I will have to remember that! 😉

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. dawn

    oh heidi! congratulations on your anniversary! such a beautifully written love letter to your very lucky hubs. thanks for sharing it with us. btw, can i please come to vancouver and go shopping with you at this store in granville island? pretty please? xxoo

  9. Jodi

    OK so if you forgot that means I don’t have to feel too bad because I forgot to. Happy 8th anniversary. I hear ya about being opposites. Life would be pretty boring if couples personalities were both the same but tt does have it’s trying days right!!!!

  10. Heidi

    dawn, that store and pretty much all of Granville Island is worth coming out to Vancouver for!

    jodi, thank you and NO, don’t feel bad about forgetting! I don’t think I remember anyone’s anniversary including mine….apparently.
    And you’re right – being opposites does have its “trying days”. Cheers to that!

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