Back to the Future

Everything is better before. Before you turned thirty-something. Before the last ten years. Before you got a mini van. Before reality set in.

You know those people – the better before people – the people that loved high school and are stuck there even though school has been over for fifteen to twenty years. They have big hair leftover from the 80s and the only radio stations they listen to have the word lite in them. People that mourn a life that once was but could never be again.

When did the past become whitewashed? How could anyone forget about all of the angst surrounding those adolescent years? Or the bad hair and all of that hairspray? I loved my 90210, but I don’t remember it being so good that it bears repeating. Why can’t we leave the past in the past?

We so often glorify what was. We have radio stations dedicated to only playing songs from the 80s and 90s. Don’t get me wrong. There are many great past hits. Hello? The Immaculate Collection? Nothing beats a little nostalgia, but nothing beats the present either. This is where I get to learn from my mistakes and start over. The present is where I can be anything I want to be. The past is with me – sure. But, it doesn’t dictate how my present will be or what my future will look like.

The past with its hits, angst, bad kisses, and acid rain hold a special corner in my memory, but I am living in the present, walking into my future, having keener fashion sense, embracing all of the latest hits and the up and comers. The future’s so bright….

Swept Up

In Sold Signs!
That’s right. We our now homeless!! And I couldn’t be more thrilled to make that announcement. We sold our house. I’ll be more forthcoming with information when I get around to it. Right now I’m going to bask in the glow of that SOLD on my sign.

8 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. Suz Broughton

    Congrats on selling your home. What a relief it must have been.
    Here’s to the future–the bright future! Cheers!

  2. sugarlens

    Congratulations on selling your home!

    I agree with you on 90210. I loved the original and started watching the new one on CW (even though I am no longer in my teens or even in my twenties!). Anyway, the new one just doesn’t measure up, I think I will stop watching it soon. You are right, we should just leave the past in the past.

  3. Heidi

    Thanks ladies!!

    I attempted to watch the new show too and even though they brought back Brenda (who I loved no matter how bitchy she was) it just wasn’t 90210 to me.

  4. Lesley

    Okay, step off 90210… And Hair bands (as in rock, not fashion) is still my listening music of choice. I’d be in leg warmers and goommie bracelets tomorrow…
    🙂 i just like stirring a little!

  5. dawn

    great post. i think whether we’re looking forward or looking behind, we best have deep roots! congratulations on selling your house and putting down new roots! so happy for you:)

  6. Live More Now (LMN)

    Nicely said! And CONGRATS on selling your home! That is an accomplishment! (I just pulled mine OFF the market for the holidays – here’s to better luck next year). Where are you headed?

  7. Heidi

    dawn, well said! yes to deep roots and thank you…

    lmn, thank you! I feel for you. This market is a big fat bummer at the moment….I hope it goes better for you next year!! Hopefully things will even out by then.
    I am headed to 5 minutes away from where I am now – down the hill to Fort Langley!

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