I’m supposed to be writing a ten minute speech right now. I am five minutes in. I’m taking a break and hanging out here for a while until the heavens open up and reveal the words or I feel guilty enough to finish the remaining five minutes.

Every once in a while I ask myself this question, is this (whatever it is that I’m doing) life-giving?

I don’t ask it about everything. Unloading the dishwasher, which I loathe, is not life-giving to me, but it needs to get done. Obligation sometimes trumps that stop and smell the flowers thing. I do, however, find doing laundry life-giving. It is so satisfying to open the dryer, fish out the clothes, towels, whatever, and snap them before folding. I’m in love with my lilac scented dryer sheets. Ummm, where am I? Sidetracked. Okay….life-giving. What gives you life?

That question will usually nag me for a few weeks before I do a slow search of my heart. Is this life-giving? And, really, that question is unto a bigger question. I’m asking, am I living my life to its fullest?

Over a few years, a car crash, and limb loss, living life with some measure of gusto has become a priority to me. Top of the list: live life to its fullest. If I could give anything away to my kids it would be that. I have, lately, let that one slip to the number five spot after: obsess about paying bills. And the one before that? Write this speech. Of course I need to pay the bills and write the speech. But, I want to live a full life while fulfilling my obligations. Sometimes my head needs to be in the clouds.

It is good to take stock. To say no because you can. Breathe in deeply (especially when outside). Ask why. Be still. Say yes because it helps. Love to challenge fear. Risk and you might win big. Rest. Notice the stars. Discover what’s so funny. All in the name of life.

Swept Up

In Salt ‘n Vinegar Chips

But, not just any salt ‘n vinegar chips – Old Dutch salt ‘n vinegar chips. You can only get them in Canada. The craving for them hit me tonight and I went out pajama bottoms and all and bought them. I came home and ate chip after chip while watching America’s Next Top Model. This show blows and I still watch. I can’t help myself.

19 thoughts on “life-giving

  1. Kate

    That’s all so true…good advice for anyone and everyone.

    Very motivational – you should do this for a living.

  2. curious girl (lisa)

    I hope your speech is about living life to the fullest because you really have just the right words for that…

    thank you.

  3. Dorkys Ramos

    I’m about to write out that last paragraph so I can carry it with me as a reminder (and obviously I don’t mean the ode to salt and vinegar chips).

    Thanks for this! And if you write your speech as you did this post, it will be great.

  4. Heidi

    I think I have the nicest readers!!

    Of course, Dorkys, you can do that…I’m honored.

    The speech is a paying tribute sort of speech. Nothing too glamorous. I am at eight minutes and holding.

  5. Linda Sue

    Excellent , moving, “wake-up” post- love it and thank you so much! You are also right about the crisps! We go across the border just for those…and turkish delight. Top model is mean spirited- the worst of female-ishness.I sort of watched it once, felt like cutting myself -so turned it off…

  6. amisare waswerebeen

    I looove my lavender dryer sheets. For a while, I tried to track down some lavender oil to add to the clothes. Too expensive. These are cheaper and smell great. They’ve made me no longer loathe laundry.

    Living life…sometimes, at the end of a long day taking care of baby, he smiles at me and reaffirms to me how important it is that I am here for him. Or a thank-you from the kids for clean clothes or prepared food.

  7. Heidi

    linda sue, thank you. It’s true – top model is a train wreck, but it’s a train wreck I can’t take my eyes off. Seriously…there is something wrong with me.

    amisare, I’m trying out a lavender detergent right now. It’s fantastic!

    So true – a thank you can go a long way.

  8. Chris

    Oooh, I’m going to like reading your blog 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me what’s important in life. I’m like you and I get swept up in daily life and the stress that goes with it. But sometimes you need to almost force yourself to smell the roses. Once you do, you ask, why did it take me so long to do so?

    Thanks for visiting my photography blog, and for giving me the opportunity to once again discover a cool and interesting blog that I wouldn’t have found (or have taken forever to find) on my own.

    P.S. I’ll have to tell my friend Georgia about those chips. We were just talking about salt and vinegar chips at lunch and how much she loves them! 🙂

  9. Heidi

    Chris, hi! Those salt ‘n vinegar chips are the best! trust me. And the banner….my friend, Stace (she’s over on my favorites list under Anastasia Chomlack), who is a fantastic photographer took that photo of me and my shoes.
    I found you, by the way, through curious girl’s blog.

  10. dawn

    you’re so right, heidi. this is a wonderful post. the sacredness of everyday life is something we can so easily overlook if we don’t stop sometimes and honor it. thank you for reminding me.

  11. Maggie, Dammit

    I’m going to take this:

    “It is good to take stock. To say no because you can. Breathe in deeply (especially when outside). Ask why. Be still. Say yes because it helps. Love to challenge fear. Risk and you might win big. Rest. Notice the stars. Discover what’s so funny. All in the name of life.”

    and put it on my bathroom mirror. Thank you.

  12. Heidi

    dawn, I wrote this as a reminder to me more than anything. Do you know you have this great ease with words?

    maggie, I’m touched…truly….thank you.

  13. Live More Now (LMN)

    What gives you life? That is a great question. I loved your post. Doing something with purpose. And doing it well. Bringing joy to others. Living your best self so that others near you have better chances of living their best selves, too. Finding peace. Giving peace. Accepting change and overcoming challenges. Gaining knowledge. Sharing knowledge. And the list goes on. I will focus today on “life-giving” – for myself and others. Thanks for the thought!

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