I don’t always like waiting. Waiting for a phone call, waiting for a check to come in, waiting until the right time, waiting for a dream to come true. Patience is not one of the virtues I uphold well.

I can rush ahead and plan all I want to. I can do the legwork. I can try to force life’s hand and declare things like it will happen and I am ready! Now….this minute….this second. If I send out enough positive thoughts I will draw it to me like I’m some miracle magnet. Everything will fall into place according to my perfect plan.

Your wheels are spinning, your head is full, and you are so restless you are itchy. You want to go, but you can’t. You bide your time. You hope you’ll know when it is your window – your opportunity – and seize it. It’s just not right now.

Sometimes there is no choice but to wait. As excruciating as that may I’ll do it because everything that I have been working on and moving toward waits for me on the other side.

Swept Up

In Umbrellas
I don’t know if I’m swept up in them as much as I desperately need them because of all of this rainy, rainy weather. Oh, BC, how I love you and hate you with your rain and puddles so big I could drown in them. But, isn’t this a sweet umbrella to help with those rainy day blues?

8 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Live More Now (LMN)

    Heidi! First, you are right, I am now hooked on Lost. Uh-oh. That was a good plan for being sick because I was in bed anyways, but we’ll see if it continues, as a person who doesn’t normally sit in front of the t.v. It is pretty suspenseful. I think it gives me a little anxiety, but I’m weird like that with t.v. shows. Second, I love this post. What you describe was exactly me over the summer: recently divorced, plowed through 9 months to finish my home remodel, got it looking perfect, staged everything, (was going to move to Montana), and then. the. market. took. a. dive. Oh well. Now is the practicing patience part, which is really good for me, but takes a huge mental adjustment. Good luck with your “waiting” – I hope you discovery many wonderful things in the process.

  2. Heidi

    lmn, Lost is very addictive. I’m glad you like it!
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your story….I really appreciate it. The housing market is awful, isn’t it? We are dealing with the same thing here – trying to sell a house and things not working out quite the way you had planned. Bah!
    Thanks for the well wishes!! I’m learning a ton already…waiting gives me a lot of time to think. 😉

  3. sugarlens

    I totally understand about waiting.

    My husband and I opted not to join the housing bidding war back in 2005. We waited patiently for the market to readjust. I am happy to see that it is slowly beginning the process.

    Good luck on selling your home!

    PS. What a cute green umbrella! With an umbrella like that, I probably won’t mind rain as much. Maybe.

  4. dawn

    hurry up and W A I T! don’t you love how the universe always seems to have a different plan than the one we’d like sometimes? hang in there, friend! and the umbrella is fab.

  5. Kate Coveny Hood

    I’m the worst with umbrellas. I always seem to have seven of them in the car on sunny days, but on a rainy day? I left them all at the office.

  6. Heidi

    sugarlens, you guys were smart! I think we missed out on the good times of real estate by a month! It’s alright though. It might not a good time to sell, but it’s a great time to buy.

    That umbrella is cute, hey?

    dawn, thanks!! I think that umbrella is close to one hundred dollars. I don’t know if I could justify spending that because I just know it would get stepped on or be left behind in some store…

    kch, my problem is my umbrellas always break. Always. And it always happens just as I’m out and about in a crazy downpour. figures.

  7. Suz @ Alive in Wonderland

    It’s just like that book “The Places you will go” where the author talks about the Waiting Place. I rival you in my impatience I think. I drive my husband crazy with it.
    As always, so well written.
    We are finally rainy here.

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