Comfort Zone

I hate the term, comfort zone. I hate “you need to get out of your comfort zone” more. It’s been used to death. However, I’m cringing and using it today.

I wouldn’t mind being in a comfort zone. I am always out of my comfort zone. Scott and I are creatures of change rather than creatures of habit. There is little time to get comfortable or stay in a zone.

So, here’s my question. Do you think it’s wrong to be comfortable? Or rather, is it alright to be comfortable? (It’s all in how you phrase the question. And wrong – well – wrong is a strong word.)

Perhaps it is about how you define comfortable. Peaceful, mostly happy, stable…comfortable. Like a cozy sweater or sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine. Not lazy, uncaring, my head tilts slightly to one side because it is too stupid to hold up.

I’m curious about this. Are we supposed to live unsettled lives to have our lives count for something? If I am stretched and uncomfortable does it mean I’m living a life of meaning? And, what is it all for?

Are we striving, reaching, and running to meet the goal of comfort and once we cross that particular finish line are we onto the next race? Or do we accept, gladly, the position of maintenance? Maintaining this comfort you ran a marathon for. Working on your well-being. Or would we become bored?

It seems to me that we are often expecting the stomach flip – the drama – to make our lives worthwhile. I don’t know much but I know this. Drama and I could use a break. That sweater and fireplace are pretty appealing to me even if it’s out on the horizon right now…and let’s not forget the glass of wine…hello, comfort zone.

Swept Up

In Day & Age
I’m really liking the Killers new album, Day & Age. I had to give it a few listens before I really took to it. It took.

11 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. Linda Sue

    Comfort and complacency scare me- I am always on edge thinking I must be prepared for surprise, as though one can ever be prepared…Good question- comfortable might be like resting the clay before forming it into a pot for the fire.

  2. Dorkys Ramos

    I love comfort and freak out at the thought of change and surprise. I like knowing what to expect, stability, habit. Taking risks is not my forte. I know this and I’m quite comfortable with it.

    I don’t like things or people who force me to try new things even though I’ve liked the new thing more often than not. This is why I still choose to surround myself with people who’ll introduce new things to me…slowly.

  3. Karen

    i just read Jesse ur blog post. he loved it. we both did. yep..

    u r SO GOOD at blogging!
    i love reading ur stuff.
    you’re up in my top 3 faves now….

  4. Jenn Bateman

    I really think comfort (to a certain degree) is a good thing. I think there is nothing with striving to set up your life in a certain way and then enjoying it.

    I think it’s just when comfort becomes limiting, controlling, binding that it needs to be let go of a bit. When comfort becomes synonymous with boredom, routine and predictability that it gets a bit scary to me.

    I think there are times for change, opportunities for people to grow or challenges to overcome. But comfort for me is a safe place to land, and some peace in the life that God has let me create.

  5. Suz Broughton

    It’s true, why the push for change all the time? It comes natural to me. If anything I have to force myself not to change. To settle on something. To sit still.
    As always, something to think about…

  6. Heidi

    linda sue, “comfortable might be like resting the clay before forming it into a pot for the fire.” I like this a lot.

    dorkys, I think that’s it isn’t it? That you’re willing to try new things, but you go at your pace – that’s what keeps us from being bored or complacent.

    karen, awww…..thanks!!

    jenn, “I think it’s just when comfort becomes limiting, controlling, binding that it needs to be let go of a bit. When comfort becomes synonymous with boredom, routine and predictability that it gets a bit scary to me.” I completely agree with you. Well said. Although I wouldn’t mind just a little predictability. 😉

    suz, yes, I think sometimes we want everything to move at a rapid pace, but to just sit still for a moment can be so valuable and needed.

  7. dawn

    i think the struggle for me is that i bump up against society’s (i.e. my) judgements of comfortable. in reality, i have both periods of being stretched and pushed, and periods of relative stability. i find that if i’m struggling with the fact that i’m in a comfortable place i’m asking myself why i’m questioning it. so therefore, am i really in a comfortable place if i’m questioning it? LOL! gosh, all i know is that the only thing constant is change!

  8. Isabella Snow

    If you’re driven to change, isn’t the internal goal comfort at some point? No one changes with the intention of becoming less comfortable, do they? Happiness is what people look for, I think. If you’re happy being uncomfortable, that’s where it’s at, I guess.

  9. Chris

    Oh, I don’t know, this is a hard question in a way. I feel obligated sometimes to make changes in my life, but like you I’m always drawn to the quiet, peaceful, and comfortable side of things. I think if you just live your life the best you can and be kind to others, there’s nothing wrong in seeking comfort and peace, is there?

  10. Heidi

    dawn, I’m laughing because I do the same thing…asking questions when things seem good/bad…I can’t stop asking questions. It seems we share the same ‘problem’.

    isabella, well put. You’re right – I think most of us are not going through life hoping for things to fall apart but working their way towards happiness.

    chris, I guess ultimately we all want some peace and comfort in our lives. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I guess I’m wondering what it would be like to stay there for a while.

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