"I am confident in…"

I think Maria has the most confidence out of any fictional character I know. (I know, I know. The character is based on a real Maria, but we all know it is loosely, and I stress loosely, based on her.) In her hand me down clothes the poor didn’t even want with her guitar slung over her shoulder she danced and sang her way to the Von Trapps confident in sunshine, in her abilities as a soon to be governess, and, in conclusion, confident in herself. We could all take a lesson in confidence from Maria.

She had the children playing, no longer marching or responding to a whistle, wearing fetching curtain clothes, and do re mi-ing in less than a few days. After soul searching at the convent and more singing she concluded that she loved the Captain. She snagged a husband and was on her way to staging a get away to roam through the hills to a better evil-free life. Confident? Uh. Yeah.

There are a lucky few that are born with this, but most of us have to muddle our way through replacing bad habits with positive well-meaning thoughts. Confidence is more than a feeling. It is a learned behavior combined with belief. Sometimes you have to fake it to make it. I will look people in the eye. I will not hunch my shoulders. I will enunciate my words. I will follow all of the rules on What Not to Wear. I will replace the negative with the good evolving until I believe that beauty comes from within.

I believe in beauty. The kind that begins with sincerity, glows with purpose, and ends in a cute outfit because you finally see yourself the way you should be seen. It is no longer a question. You rise out of the ashes, out of what you didn’t dare to believe, from a slippery slope and you have it. You are beautiful. You are not perfect. You don’t need to be. That shadow that lurked near you, mirrors taunting you, a mind you couldn’t outrun…are somewhere in your history.

Once you learn it you’ll never forget it. It stays with you taking root, flourishing, and breathing. Beauty…confidence…it is not a fleeting thing.

Swept Up

In the generosity of others
I was really and truly blessed and blown away this Christmas from a very sneaky secret Santa to family to Springbrook to my niece that created a gorgeous calendar from scratch. Thank you to both my families and the best friends a girl could ask for. This year was especially hard for us and we made it because of you. I am humbled, honored, and blessed. To… you!

9 thoughts on “"I am confident in…"

  1. Live More Now (LMN)

    I LOVE THE SOUND OF MUSIC. My sister just visited the stomping grounds in Austria where it was filmed. Beeeeeautiful! That Maria is something else. Loved your post. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas as well!!

  2. Heidi

    lisa, she’s a wily one…beautiful and wily – that Maria

    NVJ, thank you. I watch it over the holidays every year and I still love it.

    LMN, How lucky!! I would love to go to Austria! Thank you. It was a very peaceful Christmas which is exactly what I wanted.

  3. Linda Sue

    Austria is pretty except for Vienna- BUT I will say that British Columbia has it all over Austria in the beauty department! Plus it has YOU- way better than Maria…
    Happy new year to you, Beauty!

  4. Jodi

    Oops I meant Beautiful things wouldn’t happen if you WEREN’T such a beautiful person yourself. What a time to get a typo hey!!!

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