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Did you have imaginary friends growing up?

I wanted to, but I was far too practical and steeped in realism to have one of those. I did try it out for a while because a few friends of mine seemed to get a lot out of their imaginary relationships. I didn’t get much out of mine. Talking to air just didn’t cut it for me.

I spent a lot of my childhood changing up my room and redecorating often. I once brought the outdoors in. Literally. I picked grass and put it in last year’s Easter basket. I hauled I don’t know how many rocks into my room to make a gravel pathway from the door to the bed. I sprinkled grass all over my room. I don’t know how I got away with it. It kept me occupied, so maybe it was some alone time for my mom.

My daughter has a plethora of imaginary friends. I can’t keep track of them all. And she has names for each of them. My son has an imaginary friend or rather an invisible friend (he insists he is invisible. Ben also has invisible arms and legs but that is an entirely different story) named True. It could be Troo. But, I’m going to go with True.

Watching my kids play doesn’t make me think of how I neglect my own imagination or how I want to recapture my youth. I don’t need an imaginary friend to play with and I would rather put art on the wall than grass clippings on the floor. I’m just enjoying seeing the world through eyes that aren’t my own and witnessing a fresh take on life. And I am almost always guaranteed a laugh.

Swept Up

In Elf
Yes, I am now officially on the Christmas bandwagon. I have succumbed to it, mean shoppers, lists, and all. We decorated the house yesterday, put the lights up, and spent the evening watching Elf and eating popcorn. I know this movie has been out for a few years now, but I still love it. It’s silly and sweet and I like kicking off the season with it. “Not now Arctic Puffin” and “You sit on a throne of lies” still make me laugh. As soon as Elf comes out Christmas is in.

13 thoughts on “In the Now

  1. B

    hi Heidi- I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while, but as soon as you wrote of your love for Elf, I had to confess my love too! One of my favorite lines is: “I like smiling, smiling’s my favorite!’ On a related subject, I quite enjoy the posts you write…sometimes they are my very thoughts, but I would never be able to write them out as beautifully as you do – thanks!!

  2. Kate Coveny Hood

    My favorite Elf line is [answering his father’s phone at work] “Buddy the Elf, what’s you’re favorite color?” I never tire of the movie.

    I also didn’t have actual imaginary friends as a girl, but I did spend a lot of time playing pretend games. So maybe that cast of characters would be considered “imaginary friends.” There just wasn’t a specific friend who went everywhere with me.

  3. dawn

    oh heidi, you aren’t a cotton headed ninny muggins! 🙂 (my favorite elf line) you and i would have been ginormous (another elf favorite) fun together as we compared notes on a daily basis from our decorating adventures! yes, it was practically on a daily basis for me moving furniture around and changing out colors. and yes, i still do it. way too often.

  4. Linda Sue

    My imaginary friend was jesus, we were not christian so he could be my pal without any of the BIG stuff..He was just a buddy and was always on my side- I knew he had some kind of super power and could die and live again and do magic-and he had real pretty hair.. he also like playing “fort”. I love that your kids have invisible friends. That is so cool.
    Haven’t seen Elf yet! Can you believe that!!!

  5. Karen

    umm… i had two imaginary friends… remember?

    1. my very best bestest friend, Louise LeBon. She was amazing!!!


    2. i had an imaginary enemy.. her name was Sylvie. I hated her. Whenever me and Louise would play monopoly i’d let Sylvie play so she could lose. cuz… i certainly wasn’t going to lose and there’s no way i’m going to let Louise lose….

    and when i’d set the table for dinner, I set a place setting for Louise… but Sylvie was NEVER allowed to eat dinner with us.

    umm… wow….

  6. Jenn Bateman

    I also couldn’t do the imaginary friend thing, although I was CERTAIN my stuffed animals were alive and would talk to each other when I wasn’t there.

    And I loooove Elf. People already said many of my fav lines but I will add “Is there sugar in syrup? Then YES!” Oh, now I want to watch!

  7. Marnie

    Elf. LOL. Just seeing the little picture of ‘Buddy’ makes my heart smile. I LOVE THAT SHOW (and so many people think it is silly – shame on them)!!

    Oh, and imaginary friends? I never had any either. I tried. Oh how I tried. Didn’t take. LOL


  8. Mar

    Elf reminds me of my Dad…sigh. We even had a picture of Buddy at his funeral (the slide show). All my favorites have already been mentioned, but what about when he calls the “little person” an elf. Oh my, the irreverence – probably partly why it’s been such a hit in my family!?! Thanks for making me smile.

  9. Heidi

    B, well, hello! thanks for delurking….it’s nice to meet you! Thank you for the kind comment and the favorite line. I like that one too.

    KCH, That’s a great line too! There are so many….
    I didn’t have anyone that went with me either….a lot of pretend, but no one to set a place for.

    dawn, I love ginormous and use it a lot in every day life.
    That’s what I’m looking forward to with moving – that I’ll get to start over and decorate elsewhere. A project…yay!

    Linda Sue, Okay, I think you win for best imaginary friend. This was my favorite bit, “I knew he had some kind of super power and could die and live again and do magic-and he had real pretty hair.. he also like playing “fort”.”
    I can’t believe you haven’t seen Elf!! Go and watch…now!

    Karen, Louise LeBon!! I forgot about Louise LeBon! I laughed and choked on my coffee when I read that. I think she’s a pretty close second, for best imaginary friend, after Jesus up there. And I didn’t know about Sylvie. Sylvie…the evil imaginary friend….love it! Maybe Sylvie was deeply insecure and that’s why she was such a cow.

    Jenn, Me too! Like Toy Story. I don’t know if I believed it or just hoped it. I loved the idea of my toys talking to each other…saying really nice things about their owner I’m sure.
    I love that picture of you by the way.

    Marnie, I think it’s just people that haven’t seen Elf that think it’s silly. What’s not to love? A human raised as an elf that makes a trip to the Big Apple to find his dad – that’s gold baby!

    Mar, “he’s an angry elf….”
    I always love it when you drop by….hi friend.

  10. sugarlens

    Your post made me laugh, especially the part about a gravel pathway from the door to the bed and grass all over your room. 🙂

    But now that you mentioned it, I did redecorate my room a lot too when I was a kid. Ah, memories.

  11. Mrs. R

    I had an awesome imaginary friend… her name was Littler Sammurs. I remember that she looked exactly like me.

    Also my favorite elf moment is “Buddy the Elf whats you favorite color?”

  12. curious girl (lisa)

    my girl was an only child and she had an imaginary friend. for the life of me, I can’t remember his name. I used to love listening from afar at their conversations about life as a 5 year old. it still brings a smile to my face.

  13. Live More Now (LMN)

    I love it. Almost rented Elf last night. Maybe I will go get it tonight. I forget those funny lines unless I’ve watched a movie many many times. 🙂 It might start a christmas movie marathon, though! I love christmas movies. ESPECIALLY the old claymations.

    I’m also totally laughing about the gravel pathway to your bed.

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