Living the Dream

There is nothing like a day away, a few firefighters and a grant to take the edge off.

In my less than stellar I was at my wit’s end running on steam have someone wake me when it’s over week…month…year I got some good news. A one sentence email from my husband telling me that his business got the grant. No fuss, no exclamation points. Just a “we got the grant”. If you know Scott you’ll understand. He isn’t an exclamation point kind of guy. He doesn’t do drama even if this warrants some drama. Because this is big!!!! I can’t begin to explain the bigness of this. Let’s just leave it at BIG and in Scott’s understated words, “there is a sense of relief.” (see? no drama) A sense of relief doesn’t begin to cover it.

On the heels of that I was getting ready to go to Nanaimo to work. And pack. Lots and lots of packing and purging. I get such a high from getting rid of things. Garbage bag after garbage bag of things. Box after box to donate. That was Saturday and on Sunday we took the ferry to Nanaimo.

This is what I needed. To be on a ferry looking out at the ocean stretched out in front of me with blue, blue sky and sun. Apparently Vancouver Island holds the sun hostage.

I was late giving my speech due to some technical difficulties. When things finally got going it all went off without a hitch and those boys! Well, young men. They were like the Matt Saracens of Friday Night Lights. I got to drop the puck at the puck-dropping ceremony (I think I just made that up?) at their hockey game. I flaked out and panicked, “What do I do? Do I just drop it?” It seemed too simple to me. The captain from the opposing team gave me this weary, c’mon lady look and said, “Just drop it.” I did and smiled for the camera.

I spent the rest of the day with the Nanaimo Firefighters. What is it about firefighters? Is it the uniform? Is it their wholesomeness? Is it that they rescue? I just adore them. Over the years I have spent a lot of time with firefighters and I have yet to meet a mean one or even a grouchy one. They’re human I know, but they’re my version of a superhero.

On the ferry ride back to the mainland I was eavesdropping on this reporter’s conversation with a couple he had just met about everything from polygamy to politics to current movies. This man seemed to know everything about everything, but I thought I was going to lose my mind when he couldn’t come up with the name of the guy in Cocktail or Top Gun or Mission Impossible. Are you kidding me??? What rock has he been under?? You don’t have to like the guy but everyone knows who that guy is. It took much restraint to not shout, “TOM CRUISE, you numptyhead!!”

We had a great weekend.

Out on that long stretch of ocean I remembered why we chose to follow our dreams in the first place. Because sometimes the risk pays off. Sometimes the reward is truly worth all the work you have to do. Because you don’t know unless you try. Because even when you’re worn out and dizzy from the whirlwind you dared to believe. Because living beats existing.

Swept Up

In Revolutionary Road
This movie is not for the faint of heart. It is not a feel good pick you up movie. Not even close. And I loved it. The performances were spectacular. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio just went for it and they made a heartbreakingly beautiful movie.

9 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Khaled KEM

    I like the last paragraph of your post (the conclusion). That’s what keeps me going in the time of Blues..
    Thanks for the word about Revolutionary road. I will try to go watch it this week-end.

  2. LMN

    I’ve been sick, so you’ll have to forgive my lack of comments the past few days, but TODAY, HAPPY TUESDAY to you! I am passing to you the “I HEART YOUR BLOG” award. I got it Monday. And YOURS is one of my favorites. So now it’s yours. THANK YOU for your blog. I heart it. 🙂

  3. Heidi

    khaled, thank you.
    the movie, to me, just stressed the importance of staying true to yourself.

    lmn, hello sick one! I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    You are so so sweet!! And thank you. I heart your blog too…a lot!

  4. sugarlens

    I saw the movie – but didn’t like it much. However, it did remind me that life passes you by and it’s so important to treasure every day.

    I like Kate and Leo in Titanic better. 🙂

  5. Suz Broughton

    Hockey players and firemen in the same evening? I feel a little light-headed just thinking about it…
    So funny about dropping the puck–you just drop it, huh?
    PS You rule!

  6. Kate Coveny Hood

    That is exactly what it is about firefighters. They save people. Superheroes sums up my feelings exactly.

    I love the eavesdropping. You are just like my husband – but he would have had to yell out the answer.

  7. dawn

    i can actually feel your breathing sighs of relief through the computer! i am so happy for you and for scott.

    revolutionary road was to me, astounding. it stayed with me for days and it will be one for me to own when it’s out on dvd. why pray tell, did the oscars snub it?

  8. Heidi

    sugarlens, it’s certainly a downer and not at all close to Kate and Leo in Titanic, but I really got into this movie.

    fran, thank you. it was a lovely weekend. and i laughed a lot which is something i so needed.

    suz, yeah. it’s that easy. i felt like a complete tool.
    ps you rule too. 🙂

    kate, it took every ounce of self-control i had to not yell at this guy. it was just so funny to me because he was so ridiculously smart and he couldn’t come up with the actor in top gun. it just did me in!

    dawn, it is such a relief. i feel lighter these days. money…it really blows that we have to have it.

    i am completely with you on the movie. i still find myself thinking about it. it really made me appreciate that we have been following our dreams even though it comes at a cost. it seemed to me though after watching this that the cost of not going after one’s dream might be the greater cost.

    i know!! about the snub. i know that you can’t nominate someone twice in the same category and Kate Winslet was nominated for the Reader, so that counts her out. as for the rest of the movie and LD…I don’t get why he wasn’t nominated. i thought he was really remarkable in this movie. wow, i’ve really outdone myself in this extra long comment…sheesh!

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