She shoots, she scores

It takes nerve to live this life that we’re given. It takes guts. And there’s not a lot of glory for that.

I have been going over one of the topics for a talk I’m giving to a hockey team, so somewhere between retooling a speech and deleting and adding I started thinking about life as a game.

Games are pretty black and white. You win or lose. You get the puck in the net. You practice and practice and practice. You listen to your coach; play well with others, follow the rules, work hard, throw the occasional punch and your fans cheer you on.

In life there is far more gray than black and white. A lot more in between. We play by our own rules. You don’t get practice time. You learn as you go. You work hard. We have counselors, teachers, friends…a buffet of people to get help from. Maybe it isn’t thousands of fans cheering you on, but a precious few supporting you along the way.

So, maybe life isn’t quite like a game. Close, but not quite. There isn’t popcorn for the friends cheering you on (beer maybe) and there isn’t a scorekeeper except for the score you’re keeping and winning isn’t everything, but here’s the thing.

It takes heart and effort and risk to do both. To set your goals and accomplish them. To reach for the stars and do your best. To hit your targets and aim to win. To keep going. You will get hurt. You will fail. And you still might come out on top. You won’t know unless you try.

It takes balls. Nerves of flexible steel. It requires guts to put your neck out there and get in the game…and live. Really live.

Swept Up

In Pajama Bottoms
I love pajamas and I’m always on the lookout for a comfy pair of pajama bottoms and I thought these were especially comfy looking and pretty. The first pair are from the gap and the second pair with the flowery clouds are from anthropologie.

12 thoughts on “She shoots, she scores

  1. sugarlens

    First thing I do when I get home from work is change into a pair of pajama pants.

    I have some from the Gap, Victoria’s Secret…but I recently purchased two from Old Navy. Cheap, cute, and comfy!

  2. Susan

    Hi Heidi,

    Do you ever listen to Cross Country Check-Up ? The mental health question was very interesting and I agree with you all the way. It’s still stigmatized, misunderstood, and hidden often by the sufferers.

    Michael Kirby Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada was the guest

    and I am a huge fan of the flannel PJ bottoms – current favs are two pairs from jcrew’s sale sight

    xo from the other coast

  3. Chris

    I like the game analogy, although I think of life as more of a walk. You can choose your path, take your time (or not), deviate from said path, encounter unknown obstacles along the way, deal with the surroundings you are in, but it’s always a journey. But I can also see how the “game” of life concept is so appropriate.

    Anyhow, love the pajama bottoms. I call mine my “cozy pants” and my husband thinks that’s cute. Anything soft and warm and baggy and slightly goofy, and I’m there 🙂

  4. Heidi

    sugarlens, i have some from old navy too. i put on my comfy pants at about 6:30 almost every night. that might be old lady behavior, but it’s comfortable old lady behavior.

    susan, thanks for the info!
    good to know about the pj bottoms too. 🙂

    chris, i always like what you have to say. life is definitely about the journey. sometime it’s a walk, a run, a climb. i got to the game analogy because of this hockey team and because life requires a certain amount of risk and you get what i’m saying… 🙂

    i like ‘cozy pants’. mine are comfy pants. we’ve all taken to calling them that around here.

  5. dawn

    sometimes i think life’s a chess game….all serious with tons of thought behind it, sometimes just a game of hopscotch…tripping along trying not to step on the lines!

    great post. and i love those pajamas from anthropologie.

  6. Heidi

    you gotta wonder, thank you. 🙂

    khaled, thank you and hello!

    suz, my first ever hockey team. it’s a junior hockey team, so i’m hoping they don’t find me too old and wondering why they brought this girl in. 😉

    dawn, yes, yes! i forgot about the fun part of the game. i love hopscotch. great analogies.

    i know…aren’t they great? i really want them.

  7. kendalee

    Great metaphor for life Heidi. Although one I sometimes battle with because I’m so non-competitive and not everyone understands, as you have identified, that it’s not just about the winning. The heart and guts needed and the excitement of taking part is enough for me. If I win, great, if I don’t, great too. It’s always an interesting game…

    Hope the talk goes well! Love the pj’s 🙂

  8. Heidi

    kendalee, i am not competitive at all. it is far more about not sticking our heads in the sand and engaging with life i think.
    thank you. 🙂

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