So What

There couldn’t be two words more liberating to me than so what. I’ve been using so what for years now.

It has given me security. I don’t second guess as much. I compare less. I can let my three year old do errands with me all around town wearing a Hot Wheels helmet and be the envy of little boys everywhere. I can look like death warmed over. I can attempt funny and have it fall flat. I can care what I care about…no judgment.

(I can’t use so what everywhere for obvious reasons. You can’t throw that out there when you need to pay bills or when your kids need to eat or when something awful happens. One must apply wisdom when using so what.)

So what took me a long time to learn.

And then Pink came up with an anthem to so what…I felt ten times more liberated singing along…So what…I’m still a rock star…I’ve got my rock moves….

I’m not a rock star with rock moves but I get the so what of it all.

Swept Up

In the Golden Globes
Well…parts of the golden globes anyway. My girl, Tina Fey, won. She had the best acceptance speech. Ever. Alec Baldwin won for best actor in a comedy series and then all of 30 Rock won. Kate Winslet won for best supporting actress and best actress in a motion picture – I adore her. And Ricky Gervais…he wasn’t nominated and he didn’t win anything, but that man is so funny! Could he host an awards show please?

11 thoughts on “So What

  1. Live More Now (LMN)

    Ha!! I can totally understand what you are saying with adopting the “so what” attitude about certain things. The funny thing, and granted, we had a conservative upbringing, but my siblings and I were not allowed to say “so” or “so what” (imagine it said in a really snotty way) – it was like the equivalent of a swear word. If we were caught saying it, we might as well have said damn or hell or even shut up (yes, that one was up there too – couldn’t say it). We had a lovely mother who said “criminy” when she was mad. So you can maybe understand now why we were not allowed to say “so what”! 🙂 But, in line with your message, I have a similar approach, though it may seem different: if something is bothering me, I ask, “will it kill me?” If the answer is no, then I have to stop worrying, stewing, getting angry about it and just let it go. As you guessed it, the answer is almost ALWAYS “No.” 🙂 Happy “So Whats!” to you!

  2. dawn

    i ask myself “what’s the worse thing that could happen?” and “will you die from it?” like “so what”, it helps keep things in perspective for me.

    if you get the so what of it all heidi, then you ARE a rockstar! 🙂

    ps tina fey and alec baldwin are the stuff. and how exciting that kate won too. she was so genuinely moved by her win. and slumdog millionare! yahoo! if you haven’t seen it, please do. it’s wonderful.

  3. Heidi

    lmn, exactly! it is just like, will it kill me? it’s my shrug of the shoulders. we couldn’t use shut up either growing up and no eye rolling or anything snarky really. How fantastic that your mom used criminy!! I think I might have to use that.

    dawn, it definitely keeps me in check and reminds me to calm down.
    i just love 30 rock and can’t understand it when someone doesn’t watch or watches and doesn’t get it. how can that be?? I am dying to see slumdog millionaire, but for some dumb reason it isn’t playing here in my city. it’s playing in one theatre an hour away. I’m hoping that due to the awards and all the buzz it will come out a little closer. It’s odd because it’s not like we’re in some remote place.

  4. The Big Piece of Cake

    I’ve been employing “so what” a lot lately. It’s the only way that I can survive the physical shambles of my life. All of the important stuff is intact – so who cares if the outside looks a little battered. It’s still a good life. The foundation is solid. It has good bones.

    And I have actually used “so what” when it comes to hungry children. I often give up and let them eat Goldfish crackers for breakfast. It’s not something I’m proud of. But so what.

  5. Heidi

    i like that – having ‘good bones’.
    i admit i’ve often given my kids doughnuts or cookies before breakfast. sometimes it is just easier…

  6. tanya

    I suck at ‘So what’ because I come up with the what far too easily. *sigh*

    I was quite partial to the Slumdog guys speech when he said f*uck. I laughed and I laughed. I was really happy with Kate and though “Oh so cute!” when she began her speech but unfortunately she lost her shine as she droned on and on and on.

  7. Heidi

    I missed that bit in their speech. I did see when the director for the Wrestler gave the middle finger to Mickey Rourke. That was pretty funny. The GG is always better than the Oscars for this kind of thing and everyone is a little drunker. It makes for some good times.

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