Like a song on repeat (my favorite to listen to right now over and over again is Antarctica by the Weepies) I hear the words, trust yourself. Listen to that small voice inside you that says yes or enough or wait or run. In a world where everything is sped up and there is always noise in our backgrounds we need to remember our instincts.

We are born with them. Parents, friends, teachers and strangers make deposits adding to what we’re born with. Good or bad and in between we’re padding our instincts.

We grow up and there’s baggage, marriage, kids, and jobs. Our instincts guide us in our problem solving and decision making. They soften our hearts when we hear, he’s the One. Our instincts make a strong appearance when we have our children – when we would do anything to protect them. Instincts urge us to go for it. They are a gift.

Life happens to us. It just does. We’re consumed with the routine. The daily grind. Our instincts become blurry. They get old. They lose their edge. They’re muddied with shoulds and pleases. Instead of trusting that voice we’re nice. We say, “That would never happen” or “I’m making too much out of this” or “Okay.” We’re polite. We’re tactful. We dismiss our instincts as fear and God knows we shouldn’t let our fear rule us.

Over the last few weeks, like that song on repeat, I am reminded to listen. Fear doesn’t drive me. My heart does. But if something at the back of my mind, and it might be way back there, is whispering, don’t do this. If there is fear…concern…caution…whatever label you want to stick on it it’s telling me something. Even if it’s barely breathing I need to pay attention.

I can’t forget my instincts. Moreover, I need to hone them. They deserve my respect. They have steered me in the right direction before. They’ve earned a voice. And I need to listen.

Swept Up

In Pillows
In Amy Butler pillows to be precise. I am swept up in Amy Butler anything actually. I am loving these patterns and colors. I need some pillows for my new couch and I think something like this would be perfect.

15 thoughts on “listen

  1. thezeninyou

    Beautifully written post Heidi. Honing instincts, I am working on that too. Also, thank you so much for you comment on my blog. Your words mean so much. I am glad to have met such wonderful, wise souls on my journey! Big hugs!

  2. Karen

    heidi…this is amazing!!!! wow!! my insides are spinny from reading it. very well written… brilliant, actually.

    you have an incredible ability to talk from the heart in such few words… but it has the impact like reading an entire book!

    thank you…

    i luv u so much. you’re inspiring… xx

  3. Linda Sue

    I am neither polite nor am I tactful..It makes more room for intuition’s clarity- no obfiscation by cloudy politeness. My bullshit meter is tuned precisely. People never want to be called on BS- I walk away without saying anything…usually. I so appreciate honesty- I can listen better if I can trust that one thing…reason for this I think is having been raised in America, the most dishonest country in the world…it is difficult sometimes to decifer. Meditation and “letting go” helps but I walk with suspicion in my shoes like pebbles, a constant irritant. I do have true relationships and I try to speak honestly without hurting feelings, but I am usually repositioning those damned pebbles. I blurt! Still working on that one- what you call “tact”..I need a lot of work. My son, out of love and understaning, calls me on my BS frequently- I so appreciate that Honest, loving, best interest at heart kind of sorting. I wish that I could be a more lovely, giving sweet person- I wish I could be like you. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be less fiesty and more “listening” …must shake those pebbles out and try not to blurt! It may give me more clarity but may also allienate potential….ahhh, blog therapy! Thanks Heidi – Love you.

  4. dawn

    linda sue is kidding herself….she IS a lovely, giving, sweet person just like you, heidi!

    this is beautifully written and to me, sounds like you’re coming out of some big stuff. we are such a fear based society, it really is incredible that we love at all sometimes. but there are people out there like you that plow through that stuff to the other side and see the light within..within yourself and others as well. that’s a wonderful gift that you have.

    “and now for something different” 🙂 those pillows rocka! i love them. are you going to get some? i hope so.

  5. sugarlens

    I am really bad with color coordinations so I always stick to solid-color pilliow.

    But I love the ones you picked out!

  6. Heidi

    ygw, being still is not my strong suit, but i’m trying…

    karen, you’re the best…love you bunches!!

    linda sue, i love your honesty. you are discerning and that is a great gift. i agree with dawn. i soooo enjoy you!!

    dawn, it’s been busy for me and with busy sometimes comes scattered and absent, so i’m trying to be present and figure out what’s important. not everything requires a lot of thought, but some things do and i want to give attention to it. thank you, dawn, for your thoughtfulness. i feel really blessed by it.

    those pillows are great, aren’t they?? i’m not sure if i’m getting them yet. we’ll see…

    sugarlens, yeah, amy butler has some gorgeous patterns and design. it is all things lovely.

  7. Heidi

    thezeninyou, i’m sorry! i missed you in my comments.
    i’ve been thinking about why we have instincts in the first place..they’re certainly there for a reason. i’m the better for them.
    hope you’re doing well!

  8. Maggie, Dammit

    You’ve just named it here, my hardest thing. Really, your last several posts have addressed it. It’s HARD.

    But I bet it’s so sweet when you can really get it right. I just bet.

  9. LMN

    What an excellent reminder. That “still small voice.” Thank you for putting it into words so beautiful. Listen. Listen. Listen. That will be my new mantra. Love your writing!

  10. Heidi

    maggie, i hear ya. i’m working on it…i think i’ll always be working on it.

    lmn, thank you. i think we all have it – that voice…it’s just the being in tune with it that can be difficult, but, I’m learning, so important to make time for.

  11. Khaled KEM

    I always have that voice and I listen to it all the time and when I do not…I regret it.

  12. kendalee

    This is something that I need to allow more space for too. I spent so many years being trained to use reason and logic over instinct and intuition that now it doesn’t always come easily to surrender to that. And yet I know, like you said, that it serves me well when I do and that I often regret it when I don’t! Thanks for the reminder to be more conscious of it.

    Also, love those cushions!

  13. Heidi

    khaled, that’s what i want to do…so that i don’t have regrets and live out my life the best way i can.

    kendalee, being practical has its benefits, but i sometimes suffer at the hands of it. it snuffs out the heart stuff that i put to the side. don’t get me wrong…i’m all for logical and practical, but, like you said, i need to be more conscious of that other part of me.

    aren’t those cushions great?? i don’t know if i’ll get them, but i am absolutely loving them.

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