the little things

After lunch I had an overwhelming need for a hot chocolate. I desperately wanted a hot chocolate with whipped cream that I’ll only drink half of because for some inexplicable reason I only drink halves of hot chocolates. It’s not about calories or anything health-related. I can never finish them.

Today was one of those ordinary days that I have a lot of.

A day where I am rushing out the door to drop off my daughter, come home to a coffee and a muffin and my three year old, pick up my daughter from school, play at the playground, figure out lunch, and return to the outdoors because it’s warm and sunny.

On my way to pick up Annie today, as we get out of the car, I grabbed Ben’s hand like I do every weekday. I held his hand as we walked over to his sister’s classroom door and it suddenly felt like I was doing this for the first time. I don’t know what it was about this day, but our background became a blur, the noise dulled and all I could see and feel and hear and breathe was Ben’s hand in mine.

A few hours later we piled into the car and drove with the windows down. The wind whipped my hair around and the sun soothed my worries. The trees rained blossoms making everything prettier. Annie was wondering what rhymes with bunny, Ben was talking about The Force and I finally got to curl my hand around a cup filled with hot chocolate.

It’s the little things…the ordinary things that make us take a second look, where we tip our faces to the sky, when we’re reminded of what’s important and the unknown is an adventure that makes life extraordinary.

Swept Up

In Red Velvet
Scott, my husband, wrote this great post for his Red Velvet blog of Red Velvet (his company) after our mini-break in Seattle. Red Velvet is this e-commerce platform for…and I’ve lost you. He’s an excellent writer and this is a great piece on shopping in this day and age…sort-of. It’s worth a read.

11 thoughts on “the little things

  1. sugarlens

    I am the same! I can never finish a whole apple, no matter how big or small it is. 🙂

    Sometimes I walk out of the office after a long day to see the sun shining and feel like I am seeing the sun for the first time. I understand how you feel Heidi!

  2. Kate Coveny Hood

    I know what you mean about how something like the feel of a hand in yours, the smell of a freshly washed neck. or the weight of a sleepy head on your shoulder can magnify to the point that everything else disappears. It’s good to get lost in those moments. I wonder if there are any other situations in which we can say that we are “living in the moment.” So simple – with no distractions.

  3. Dorkys Ramos

    You’re definitely not alone here. For me it happens when I go out for a walk on a gorgeous day and I just close my eyes for a second and feel the warmth on my skin. And for a brief moment it just hits me, everything is great and my life will be ok no matter what.

    I wish I had more moments like those or that I held onto them for longer than I do, but it’s nice when they do drop onto (and into) me from the sky.

  4. Heidi

    sugarlens, i’m like that with most drinks except for coffee and i almost always can’t finish that last bite of anything. chocolate being the exception, of course.

    kate, “living in the moment”…exactly! “with no distractions”…especially the ones i create. well put.

    dorkys, me too! that i would hold onto these moments longer. they go too quickly. but, like you, i’m grateful when i have them.


    those moments are treasures…extraordinary life is usually filled with simple things…my fondest memory of childhood is not those expensive trips but moments spent at home just talking about life simple adventures in her room!

  6. thezeninyou

    So true! I love the little things! Like the very first sip of coffee in the mornings. Or the birds chirping and the windows open with a nice breeze coming through. I like simple things…simple is good!

  7. Suz Broughton

    I’ve had moments like that–it’s joy, I think. That’s what joy is. Great post and YAY for rolling down your windows. I’m a big fan of that.

  8. dawn

    what a nice day you had. wind in the hair, chocolate in your hands and that amazing connection you have to your family. nothing better than that!

    and easy street records…sigh. i love easy street records. we stayed at the marqueen hotel right around the corner when we go to seattle. it’s the best ever.

  9. kendalee

    It’s wonderful when the moment almost intrudes on the rushing around to make us notice it. I wish it wasn’t so fleeting but better that than never… sounds like a special day of moments! I have to admit to having no problem finishing a hot chocolate, or two!

    And your husband does write well – I enjoyed the article.

  10. LMN

    I loved your husband’s story on Easy Street. Very nice. Guess what I am just getting ready to drink? Yep, hot chocolate. Was craving it recently, too, so bought a box of hot chocolate packets to keep at the office! Yum.

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