taking a deep breath…

Okay, I deleted that last post because, upon closer inspection, it didn’t come across the way I wanted it to and I was worried about how it would be received. So, it’s gone. Done. Buried in the internet graveyard.

I will quickly say this. I feel a little like shut up and do something about it already. I don’t want to continue to talk about doing more or chasing a dream or what the hell are my dreams and not do anything about it. I have lost my way a bit and I really want to find my way back or start over or something. Or something.

So, I’m figuring it out. Taking steps in a direction. Who knows if it’s the right one, but it’s better than not walking at all.

I think we’re often in such a hurry to get things right. To get it done. It’s always now and not later. I don’t want to put anything off, but I don’t want to rush through my life either for the sake of having a destination. I’m going to do my best. My very best. To find solid ground again.

Swept Up

In aromatherapy
Aromatherapy for my head. I get headaches frequently and rather than swallow a whole lot of ibuprofen which is what I normally do I found an alternative. I found it at Tap in Fort Langley. It’s a teeny, tiny bottle called Forhead. Clever and cute. Just a few drops on the temples or the back of my neck where my muscles are sore and it starts to take effect. Scott tells me I stink like a hippie when I use it. He’s right. I do. But, it works.

9 thoughts on “taking a deep breath…

  1. Suz Broughton

    Your deleted post was still in my reader, but I didn’t read it and deleted it too. I know what you’re saying and totally respect it. I’ve done the same thing.

    Why are you trying so hard right now? I wonder. I think it will come. I think it’s there. Just sit back and wait.

    (Are we talking on some weird plain only we can understand? Hmmm)

    Please send me your address, want to send you something if that’s okay.

  2. thezeninyou

    Oh how I can relate! When I start feeling like I am not going anywhere…I just stop. That’s when I tell the universe…”take it from here, because I have no idea what to do.” And you know what? It always works…it’s weird. It’s just a matter of getting out of your way.

    BTW…you do know I sell my photos, right? If you liked that one I posted today, let me know…no pressure…just wanted to let you know.

  3. kendalee

    I didn’t see the post that’s gone but great that you followed your heart if it said it needed to go! I think it can be hard to move when there’s no clear path but as you said, sometimes just the movement itself feels a bit better and helps you work it out. Savour the journey, solid ground awaits! And please stop by for a mojito and a chat if you fancy a time out… 😉 x

  4. curious girl (lisa)

    I love figuring things out. a good mystery. even if it’s about the course of my life. enjoy this place of speculation, indecision and imagining all the possible directions and outcomes. the journey just might make the destination pale by comparison.

  5. you gotta wonder

    I’d read part of the deleted post and wanted to come back when I had more time to digest. I love feeling kin to you. I share your sense of being on the precipice.

    In response to my anxious prayers for clarification of “what’s next?” I’ve come to appreciate that I’m in the “let rise” phase of breadmaking. The ingredients are needing time to do their thing. It’s not yet time for the next step. Of course I’m a little apprehensive about the “punch down” that might come, but that step is also critical for the creation of a good loaf.

    Peace, sister.

  6. Kate Coveny Hood

    Oh – I don’t think you should have deleted a single word. But I do understand.

    I am with you on this. I just feel a little lost right now…but that’s the beginning of finding your way right? First you have to lose it.

  7. dawn

    hey friend,
    please be kind to yourself.
    okay? 🙂

    it’s all good. even if it doesn’t feel like that right now.
    aromatherapies rock. and they help.

  8. LMN

    Plus, it’s just good to GET IT OUT. Even if you have to retract it. I second what Dawn says, be kind. We are most critical of ourselves. I missed the post you referenced, but I have total faith that it was put out there for a reason and retracted for a reason, and you WILL get there, wherever that is. And hopefully you will enjoy the journey. At least you have people that will love you THE WHOLE WAY THERE.

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