I talked about this a little in the post that has been laid to rest. This thing of survivor versus victim. It’s the common thread in the talks I’ve given. The entire speech hinges on the choice of whether we’ll live our lives as victims or survivors.

How will you live this life? What do you want your story to be? Those are the questions I ask not only of the audience, but of me. I write these speeches for me as much as anyone else. Will I be a victim of my circumstances or will I emerge a fighter; because it’s in the fight that we become survivors. It may take only one step, but it’s one step closer to possibility. One step closer from what was to what will be. It’s the fight that reminds us that blood runs through our veins, that we are not done yet and we can do this…whatever this is. We can.

Our stories are not just made up of tragic events and change and difficult circumstances. There’s so much in between and after. We get to, dare I say, narrate our stories. We get to make them rich and full. We get to inject color and love our families and notice how beautiful the stars are on a dark, dark night. We can create and fill in and subtract. I know we don’t always get to choose. I get that. There are some things that are beyond our control. But, we aren’t powerless. How will we get through this? How will we live? Our life is in our hands. What do we want our stories to be?

I am always learning. Just when I think I understand something it is turned upside down. I respect that about life. I love deeply. I am afraid, but fear doesn’t paralyze me. I have faith in the unseen. I’m unsure but I want to try anyway. I am hopeful. I laugh even in unfunny situations. I will never stop asking questions. I want to stay true to who I am and to the people around me. I will do my best to make good choices. I’ll always want more and it doesn’t mean I’m without peace or contentment. I am a survivor. And this is my story.

Swept Up

In Anastasia Photography
I have sung the praises of Stace’s photography here before. Her photographs draw you in and tell a story. If you’ve had the privilege of having her as your photographer you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say how good she is with people, how she makes you feel so at ease and it’s how she sees beauty that grabs you. Here are only a few of her photographs. To narrow it down to just a few was hard! (The first one is of our friends’ and neighbors’ girls.) Her blog is full of beautiful photographs and she has a Mother’s
Day gift idea going on, so, go! Check out her blog!

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  1. kendalee

    And thank you for sharing it with us Heidi, because it’s a profound story, an inspirational story. A story that is uniquely yours and yet one that others can relate to and identify with because of the gift you have for expressing it.

    And I had a lovely browse on Anastasia’s site – she has a gift too! Beautiful.

  2. Heidi

    Thank you all!! Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and for those of you that are mothers…have a happy mother’s day!

  3. Caroline

    Oh Heidi this is so inspiring. We are all survivors…we all have our battles to fight. Thank you for wise words (and I am glad I am not the only one that laughs in unfunny situations…I call it “inappropriate laughter syndrome” or ILS). Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Chris

    I love hearing what you have to say, and the fact that you feel so free and willing to share with us all.

    And wow, what incredible photography!!! Good find 🙂


    You are a fighter! better than a ninja in my book…;) Inspiring as always! ~Lovely week beautiful*

  6. Heidi

    thanks again.
    Anastasia is an incredible photographer, isn’t she? She’s got such a great eye. She really knows how to capture the essence of a person.

  7. dawn

    heidi, i remember the first moment i stumbled onto your blog and i thought to myself, “i will never get tired of her words and what she has to say” and i never have. 🙂

    and the photos from your friend anastasia’s photos are absolutely incredible and full of beauty and tenderness.

  8. LMN

    Beautiful words AND beautiful photography, you’re right! Thanks so much for sharing both with us.

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