Having coffee each morning is a must. I am completely addicted to that first cup of coffee. My day doesn’t truly begin until I push the button to start my coffee maker, until I hear the whir of beans being ground, and I froth the milk in my mug to begin the process of making a cappuccino.

We have a lot of musts in life. Coffee is one of mine. Another is attempting some quiet in the morning. That will be a much easier thing to fulfill now that school is on hiatus. A clean bathroom, kids’ hair combed before we leave the house and some sort of treat to compliment my coffee (of course) are more musts. Another must that has been developed over the last twenty years or so has been commitment to a journey. The journey of self-discovery, of moving on or forward, of exploring something new, of letting go…there is always a journey to be had as tired as I can get of that word it’s one of the best words to describe what we do. We – being humans. I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t keep going. We try something new. We unearth what brings us life. We find where we fit. We don’t give up too easily. Not without a fight.

I wonder what it is that compels us to keep going. Is it simply in our nature? Is it the hope…the promise of something better? Is it boredom? Is it something outside ourselves that draws us forward…some kind of wish fulfillment…a thrill to seek…the desire for change. Do we continually evolve wanting to make ourselves better people? Truer versions of ourselves? The more we journey the more ourselves we become or is it that we keep changing and we have to catch up with ourselves to resolve that change? To reconcile ourselves to the change until we understand it, therefore making ourselves more complete?

Have I lost you yet?

Another must. Questions. I can’t seem to stop asking.

I have talked about the journey a lot here. It’s an understatement, I know. The journey is a must for me because it’s about the search, the hunt. Like some animal instinct I have to go after whatever could be within my grasp and, like a human, go after something that is just beyond it.

Swept Up

In altar boyz
A whole bunch of us went to see this Off Broadway show that came to Vancouver. It’s playing at the Arts Club Theatre in Granville Island. I LOVED it! This is how it’s described on their website.

Watch out ‘N Sync, the Altar Boyz are coming to town! Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham-the gefilte fish out of water-can sing and dance with the best of them, and these heartthrobs want to praise the Lord with funk and rhyme. With lyrics like “Girl, you make me wanna wait” and “Jesus called me on my cell phone” this irreverent (but never mean-spirited) musical-comedy will wash your soul clean with laughter.

It’s very, very funny and completely worth spending the money on. These guys put on a great show.

7 thoughts on “musts

  1. Suz Broughton

    Coffee is a must for me too! So is the journey, which is made easier by the coffee.

  2. Cookie

    I agree, coffee is a must. I love to have my coffee and read blogs before I tackle the day. Chocolate is another must.

  3. Kate Coveny Hood

    Wine has been an evening must for me – but I'd like to lose a few pounds before going to the beach at the end of the month. So I'm taking a break from a lot of my musts… Yeah – we'll see how that goes…

  4. kendalee

    Tea, chocolate and never leaving the house with the bed unmade are musts for me! Questing's a must for me too -an inner & outer journey driven by curiosity and questions, just as you've described! It does seem to be something very common to humans however, I'm not sure it's true for all people – I'm amazed at how many I meet who just seem to be floating unconsciously through their lives. I find that quite scary to observe. I think that's why I like blogland – lots of journeyers!

  5. dawn

    good coffee
    quiet time.

    these are all musts for me. another must is visiting here a little more often than i have been. xo

  6. Ri. Short for Maria. Not pronounced like the bread.

    I think most times I'm on a "Stealth Journey". I've perfected the rambling, aimless bum facade, but have a detailed roadmap furtively tucked in my heart.

    Unfortunately, what is generally lacking in my journey is the fuel of self confidence. However, therein lies the discovery about my vehicle's limitations, eh?

    …I think it may be time to trade in my pedicab for a four wheel drive, actually. My route goes through some rough terrain, but I'm pretty sure the roadside rest stops are worth the trip.

    (And, this is the kind of rambling commentary that deep, thoughtful posts like yours evoke in me before I'VE had my first cup of "must" coffee…hahaha!)

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