born on the 4th of july

I always wanted a girl. Or was it that I knew I was going to have a girl? As soon as I found out I was pregnant I was sure fingers crossed wished on stars prayers prayed it was a girl.

My first visit to my doctor after my very first ultrasound ended in tears. I wasn’t expecting a strand of the cord to be missing (whatever that meant) or an abnormality of the baby’s heart or a head that was measuring too large. I knew what it implied, but I didn’t know how it applied to me. Before I was sent to BC Children’s for a round of tests and another ultrasound I was comforted by three words that circled my worried head. Happy, healthy baby. Happy, healthy baby. Three words that I wrapped myself around until my visit to the hospital.

Every fear was undone on that list I was given. Peace came when there was a third strand visible in the cord (whatever that meant), the heart needed whatever it was that appeared as an abnormality and the head measured just fine. In fact, the doctor said, “It looks a little like yours,” pointing to me. Ummm…was he saying I have a big head?

I was sick with nausea through my entire pregnancy. Well, I had one month of reprieve, but that was all I was getting. Happy, healthy baby would drift in and out of my mind when I was told there was too little fluid around the baby; your baby is measuring too small and on and on it went. Doubt swirled around this baby before it even got a chance to breathe outside of me and I wondered what kind of person she…it was going to be a she…would grow up to be.

Annie Elizabeth was born on America’s Independence Day. She’s named after my dear, sweet friend, Elizabeth Anne, who passed away in that car crash 11 years ago. The beauty and magic of Betty lives on through her loved ones, through her name and in memories where time stands still for me. When Annie came into this world she was my redemption. Her feet, her unmarred skin, her body and her strength were my own. She was a gift. My daughter.

Annie is inquisitive. She is curious. She is restless. She never stops – not when I carried her for nine months and not now six years later. She wants to be a ballet teacher or a gymnastics teacher or a paleontologist – in that order. She has lofty plans to live in the city when she grows up. She does not like glitterbugs (litterbugs) and she loves thunderstorms. Doubt may have clouded who Annie was before she came into the world, but there isn’t a trace of that today. She knows who she is. Even at this age she knows. And my hope, my desire is that this is a truth she will always carry with her – that deep, deep down no matter what happens she will hold fast to her heart. Her sure, free from abnormalities, beating heart.

My bean, my babycakes…you are my best girl.

Swept Up

In Annie

This is one of my favorite photos taken by Stace when Annie was three years old.

20 thoughts on “born on the 4th of july


    This post warms my heart!
    I love children who are more curious than normal…I had the most interesting questions asked by them!
    Fantastic… ~Great weekend to you as well!

  2. kendalee

    What a beautiful, touching post Heidi. And what a very special little girl – a gift indeed! Happy, happy Birthday to Annie!

    Have a great weekend… 🙂

  3. Dorkys Ramos

    Happy, healthy birthday Annie!! How fitting that your curious little girl was born on an independence day. That picture is adorable, it made me giggle and smile 🙂

  4. curious girl (lisa)

    my heart is so happy after reading this. what an amazing tribute to your sweet birthday girl.

  5. Jordan Bateman

    Annie rules–Indie and Dee are lucky to have her as their friend.

    Thanks for making her, Heidi.

  6. Linda Sue

    Happy Birthday Annie- better way to celebrate the fourth of July than any other!
    Sweet post, Heidi- I love it.
    LOVE YOU, too.

  7. marn

    Happy Birthday to Annie, and Happy Birthday to Fraser, my now 4 year old who was also born on July 4! He was a VBAC, so also a very special child ~ here's to us and our great kids Heidi!

  8. Suz Broughton

    Happy Birthday Annie! This was just beautiful. The more you reveal about yourself, the more wonderful I think you are 🙂

  9. Jenn Bateman

    Totally brought tears to my eyes! Annie is just as wonderful as Heidi says. She is independent and funny and completely adorable. We love her so much!

  10. sugarlens

    What a beautiful post, Heidi! Your little girl is so so SO cute. Happy Birthday Annie!

  11. Isabella Snow

    How sweet!! Happy birthday, Annie Elizabeth! May she always be happy and healthy!

  12. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Annie! May six years old be full of more wonder, excitement and dreams. Three cheers for self-confident, independent little girls!

  13. Pearl

    As my brother writes: Happy Brithday! 🙂

    Warm regards from another woman who was sick the whole pregnancy,


  14. Anastasia

    oh… i love this post… LOVE IT.
    you are such a fantastic mom!!

    VERY inspirational.

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