fancy feet

I’m going to say something I hate.

Here it is.

Change is in the air.

There are many reasons for why I loathe that statement, but I won’t bore you with that. Just know that I hate it and I’m waving the statement around regardless. I’m wild like that.

I have plans. I’m wild like that too.

I’m going to take the motivational out of the header, and, for now, out of my life. I’m not in a rut or crossing over to the dark side. It isn’t anything like that. I’m liberating my head and my heart, especially my heart.

I haven’t been doing much speaking and I haven’t missed it. It surprised me when I realized it. I’m always please-floor-swallow-me-whole-I’m-so-nervous before I speak and one minute and 30 seconds in I’m fine. I’m at ease and enjoying it. I like the energy of the room, but I hadn’t thought about the energy for a while. I don’t care about it the way I used to.

I do some speaking at my job. I facilitate workshops. It’s good and I think any desire to speak is fulfilled there. It doesn’t mean I won’t do it again. I’m not making grand statements like I will never.

I’m going to take a stab at writing my story instead. It won’t be self-help-esque. It will be without agenda. It won’t be speech-y. I’m just going to tell the story. I feel compelled. Is that the right word for this? It’s the only word I could think of that fits. I feel compelled to write it. This is where it gets liberating for me. When I write a speech there should be a point. I’m headed in a direction. It is with purpose and I’ll do what I can to take you there. I don’t want to do that this time. It’s not that the book (yeah, I’m attempting to write a book just like every other blogger out there. I’m a blogging cliché, but, whatever) will be aimless. It’s that I don’t have to make you feel good in the process. I don’t need to say this was awful, but. Even though this was awful, but.

That leads me to this space. My blog. I’m changing it. My plan is to post what I’m working on here and there. It might be raw and unrevised. It could be tweaked within an inch of its life. I won’t be consistent. I haven’t been for a while now anyway. Who knows? Maybe there will be a zillion posts. I might not post anything. I’m in the land of unsure. I’m in the in-between. I’m going to try though.

I have kind loyal readers. Some who have commented and many of you who haven’t. Who are all of you? And where do you come from? To each of you, thank you. You’ve given me a lot of life here and I’m grateful. Really grateful.

I’ll still be coming on over to your blogs and reading and commenting. Man, you people can write and photograph and I am over the moon thrilled to have found your carved out spaces. I can’t keep this blog up the way I would like to. Believe it or not, I’m running out of topics to go on about. I’m not flipping you off, deleting my blog with a big FU. It’s not my style.

So, it’s not goodbye exactly. It’s a see you later and an until then.

Swept Up

In Disneyland!
We’re going to Disneyland!! For five nights and six days. Just a few more days to go and I’ll be spinning in a teacup! Woot!

22 thoughts on “fancy feet

  1. Cookie

    Good luck with your book! And with your new blog. I think taking on anything new takes a lot of courage and i lack courage.
    Have fun in Disney! Take lots of pics!

  2. amisare waswerebeen

    Hope you know that you have our love and support. Thanks for your comments on my postings. I always enjoy them.

  3. Linda Sue

    YAY! STAB!!! That is exciting- and brave , of course with you that is a given…Good luck with your writing- brilliant!
    You will have a great time in disneyland- Toon town was our favorite place to hang out and just watch people.We were there when a man got killed by the anchor of the pirate ship thing…We were also there when the bodies of the crazy hale bop cult were found…Disney land always holds such fond memories for me….surreal!
    Cheers, Dearest Heidi- your book will be a most welcomed one on every shelf by every bedside- can't wait!

  4. Dorkys Ramos

    Oh best of luck, Heidi! This sounds exciting 🙂

    And Disney? FUN! Though I must say the teacups were one of my least faves. I think we over did it with the spinning.

  5. Kate Coveny Hood

    Heidi – you know I love you! I would love to read a book about your life. And I hope you stay in touch.

  6. kendalee

    Heidi, what GREAT news! Not that you won't be here as often, of course, but I'm so thrilled that you're following your writing heart! What an adventure you're embarking on – you have a great story to tell and you'll write it so well. In fact, I'd like to put in my pre-order for that book whenever it's published please – whenever! And how exciting that we might enjoy some little tasters here… In the meantime, I'll be standing here in the blogosphere sidelines waving and cheering you on – go writer girl!!!!

    I've never been to Disneyland but I've always fancied a twirl in a teacup! :o)

  7. LMN

    You are not a blogging cliche!

    And, do all bloggers want to write a book? Jeesh. Then I am a blogging cliche! Ha ha ha. 🙂 That's okay.

    I hope you enjoy your new SPACE, and whatever changes are coming!


  8. sugarlens

    I hope to read more from you in the future!

    Disneyland sounds awesome. I just got back from Disney World last week myself! As they say it at Disney, have a magical time!

  9. Brandi

    i will miss you here in your little carved out space, but i would SO buy your book. good luck with everything and all the best to you!! 🙂

  10. Heidi

    Hi all!

    Thank you…all of you…for your kind words! I really appreciate it. I plan to do what I said. I just gave myself the 'maybe I won't post anything' to take the pressure off. I hope to post bits and pieces of the story. I just need to give myself some time with it all. I'll still be coming around your spaces… Now I need to get some sleep before I wake up at a ridiculous hour to go make our way to Seattle and then off to Disney!

  11. Suz Broughton

    Oh I can't wait! I thought that was what was coming, but I wasn't sure if you were going to drop the blog altogether. I'm so happy for you.
    Can't WAIT to meet you on Sunday!!

  12. Anonymous


    I'm so excited for you. I love reading your blog and I hope you still post here and there. I think your book will be absolutely brilliant, just like you….can't wait!!
    Hope you have a great time in Disneyland w/ the family.


  13. Isabella Snow

    Hey!! That's awesome; you sound like you've had similar revelations to mine recently. 🙂 You can write a book, and it will be great. Just trust your instincts, it'll be fab. 🙂

  14. Christy

    I'll definitely buy your book Heidi. I love your new header, by the way. It is new, right? I'm late – I hope you're having a fabulous time in DisneyLand by now! Spinning away in a teacup!!!


    Without agenda?!
    Sounds liberating Heidi!
    Miss you & hope you are having a wonderful weekend okie

  16. Linda Sue

    Heidi- Just dropped in to say HI! Hope you are writing and loving it – I also hope you have spell check…useful invention just like the toilet except maybe less better…(what did she say?) "less better"? – you may use it in your book if you want….LOVE YOU!

  17. you gotta wonder

    Amen! I've recently taken the leap and I expect my blog to languish. I look forward to your book's publication.

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