my first book update, sort-of

It’s October. October! The weather here has been glorious until today. In typical Lower Mainland fashion it is raining so hard you’re tempted to build an ark. This will be a quick post and then more of the story to follow. I’m aiming to post once every week and so far, so good.

I think this will be the quarterly letter I’m supposed to send out to update you on the progress of my book. I read that on my site, the part of my site that I had a Gilmore Girls angsty fit over (this is what happens when your husband takes over) and thought crap! I have to do that?! Along with all the other things I have to do? I’ve got to let Scott know I have a life. Really though, thank you to ALL of you that have signed up and handed over your email addresses to me. That means you don’t mind spam from me and I appreciate that.

With the help of my writer friend, Jordan, I created an outline. I have been writing and writing without a very clear idea of where I’m headed. I have a beginning and I know exactly where I want to end it, but it’s all the in between that had no real direction. So, over a glass of wine we talked outlines, memories and writing. Early the next morning I wrote my outline and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

This month is a busy one for me and for my daughter Annie (and for poor Ben who gets no say in the matter). I plastered it on FB and Twitter all proud mama that she’s going to be in the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker along with many girls from her dance studio. This means a lot of rehearsals and quality time is in the van over Starbucks iced tea lemonades. When they’re in school, I write. I try to. As much as I can. I don’t answer the phone most mornings, I do not check email and I stay away from the internet. Damn internet. It’s so hard to stay away from with its stupid celebrity news and TV recaps. I’ve already failed miserably this morning with this thing called discipline.

In good news, yesterday I realized that I am a little more than halfway through writing a first draft of my book. It’s only taken me a year, but let’s pretend that it’s only been a few months.

Thus concludes my very first book update.

A few people have told they me they’ve had a little trouble with my new site/blog. You might have to re-subscribe and that should clear it up. Let me know if there are further issues.

swept up

in Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing – a Memoir of the Craft’. My friend Jordan gave it to me and I read it in two days. I’ve read a few books on writing and while they’ve been informative they weren’t the kind of books I just couldn’t put down. That’s my criteria for a good book. I have to be unable to put it down to the detriment of my house and, sometimes, my family. When I’ve picked up one of those books Scott will say, “I’ll see you in a few days.” Stephen King’s book was a great read from beginning to end. I got solid advice, inspiring story, and insight. Jordan told me it was the best book he’d read on writing and he was right. I couldn’t put it down.

6 thoughts on “my first book update, sort-of

  1. christy

    Ooh good to know about that writing book. I’ve bought a few over the years and they almost all bored me to tears. WTF?
    I’m so excited for Annie – I danced when I was a kid and the thought of dancing with such a world -renowned company? OMG enough to make me sweat it for her! I hope you get it on tape and put it on youtube or something!! Congrats on getting halfway through your first draft – that’s HUGE!
    Also, I didn’t get this post via email – not sure if I was supposed to since I had signed up for your book updates? I don’t normally get your posts via email, for what it’s worth… Happy Monday, Heidi!

    1. heidi

      I haven’t sent out the book update. I will when Scott shows me how to retrieve all the emails from the site. I am so inept when it comes to this stuff.

  2. Toriz

    Glad to hear you’ve gotten so far in to your first draft. I’m sure it’s not an easy book to write, so I think about half way through a first draft in a year is pretty good. 🙂

    That’s great about Annie being in the ballet! Hope she enjoys it!

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