for the love of writing

There is music that inspires you to lift your face to the sky, crank up the volume, and thrust your hand out the car window, letting the air play with your fingers. I’ve always wished I could sing, inject longing into a song, the melody in every ache and sigh. My voice carrying me when I don’t know how to.

I can’t sing, but I’m learning to pick up a word, turn it this way and that, hold it to the sun and make it belong. Words are magic. Taking me to lands unknown, soaring through icy blue skies, then plummeting, crashing to earth. Words punch holes through barriers. Twisting and reaching until they grab a hold of me and come pouring out. Writing is gasping and clutching and lonely until I arrive at the end wasted, surrendered.

I can’t sing, but I have a voice here. In writing. I fling my arms wide in revelation, I wring my hands in uncertainty and I am quiet in discovery. I am happiest when words come to rest and in agony when they’re darting in and out of my head, teasing me. Words shock and awe, provoke and comfort, haunt and dazzle. They wait for me. And when I need them, they carry me.

More story to come. It’s a busy, busy week! Sorry to my lovely blogging friends…I’ll come by to visit when I can, I swear! I’ll send out a proper update soon for those of you that so kindly gave me your email addresses. You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook – just click at the top right hand corner of the site.

9 thoughts on “for the love of writing

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  2. Kate Coveny Hood

    I often feel the same way about words. I wonder why they are so elusive at times. I mean, if we know the words and we know what we want to say – why is sometimes so hard to get it all together?

  3. IntenseGuy

    Sometimes I think the English language is .. a nearly insurmountable handicap when it comes to expressing some of the unsettled or vague ideas that float around inside my head (sometimes there is actually something going on in there!)

    And then I see others – who with just a handful of words manage not only to pull me in – and *feel* their experience and think, English and “just words” have shaped our word.

  4. kendalee

    Words are magic but especially so in the right, magical, hands – and yours are.

    “And when I need them, they carry me.” I so relate to this Heidi.

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