a post about the possibly of a post (a non post)

This will be short. My shortest post ever just to say I’ll be back with a new proper post soon. It’s the holidays and I use the holidays to neglect as much as I possibly can. This includes writing.

Now, I’m off to Chapters where I must, must get a new 2011 calendar. This will force me into the new year. I hope.

See you soon!

4 thoughts on “a post about the possibly of a post (a non post)

  1. christy

    Chapters must be a book store? Happy New Year Heidi! Missed you! I went offline for about 8 days and just LOVED it. But am happy to be back. Happy-ish. Today is hell, but tomorrow should be better, right?!

  2. Kate Coveny Hood

    I was just looking for a new date book today. No luck. I’m picky. I may have to go back to the expensive filofax… Happy 2011! Look forward to your next “proper post” (that sounds so British – but I guess it’s Canadian)

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