50,000 words!!

52, 238 words to be exact.

I know I haven’t been here in forever. But, with good reasons. One of them being that March was extraordinarily busy. The other was that I’ve been trying to finish up this book using fake deadlines. I work well under pressure, so I thought I would do everything I could by April 2nd. I would be meeting a friend of mine for lunch then, a friend who can write and who’s opinion I value very much. I wanted to be able to give her as much of this book as I could. I couldn’t sleep. I got anxious. I grew addicted to Reese peanut butter eggs. It was like a real deadline until I realized it wasn’t and then I calmed the eff down.

I gave the book (the book!) to her and to Scott. I needed fresh eyes to stare at this thing for a while. I had become a zombie, a writing zombie, but still a zombie in front of the computer. Scott has already given me suggestions and ideas. Oh, and he gave me the book’s purpose. I have been writing this story with no concrete idea of what this story is about. I figured it would just reveal itself to me as I wrote. Well, I hoped that it would. There are definite themes in the book, but I needed a central theme – something that says, this is what the book is about. So, now I can say it’s about identity. I’ll write more about that another time.

I can’t believe all of this writing actually made its way to a book. Or my almost book. Because I’m looking at the second half and it needs changes and more direction. But, I’ll get there. I’ll create another deadline.

8 thoughts on “50,000 words!!

  1. IntenseGuy

    🙂 Sounds like it will be soon ready for a publisher!

    Reese’s eggs are so addicting. You aren’t the only one!

  2. Toriz

    That’s fantastic! Well done on P.S. Just wondering, will there be any chance of the book being available in anything other than print? I’d love to be able to read the whole story when you’re done, but an ordinary print book isn’t something I can read. So, I was just wondering if you’d considered making it available as an audiobook or anything?

  3. Toriz

    Not sure what happened there, but half my comment disappeared from the middle… That should have read “Well done on completing the first complete draft. Now comes the editing stages, and soon you will have a final draft that you will be happy with and can have published. That’s a wonderful achievement. Congratulations!” Then came the “P.S.” part, which did actually publish, so I wont repeat it.

  4. Kate Coveny Hood

    Your “fake deadline” angst and backlash reaction of “whatever” made me laugh.

    I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to look at all those words and know that they came out of your head. Can’t wait to read your book!

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