people united

At 4:30am on Friday I received an email from Christy bearing sad news, the kind of news that breaks your heart. Anna lost her 12 year old son.

I found Anna from the blog An Inch of Gray through Kate from the Big Piece of Cake. She wrote a guest post and I was hooked, immediately taken in by her humor and down-to-earthness. I liked this Anna and subscribed to her words about her life and family, her love of decorating and spraying furniture with heritage white paint. I laugh at her stories about her family, appreciate her wisdom and relate to her daughter’s independence and her son’s love of Lego and home. My son is obsessed with Lego and a homebody too. She recently posted back-to-school photos of her beautiful kids. They are like so many families, like you and me.

To lose your beloved, a part of yourself, is unimaginable and words are not enough. Yet, this is what we’re offering. It’s what we can do when we want to do so much more and can’t. We’re saying, this isn’t fair. This is tragic and heartbreaking and we are standing with you, praying for you and loving you. We don’t have much but we have this. And we mean it.

After I received Christy’s email I joined in the chorus of people online – and it is a chorus. Of voices pouring out love and prayers, sending comfort and strength. I can’t begin to touch Anna’s loss, to say ‘I know’ or ‘I understand’. But I can, all of us can, love and support her through it.

There is power in people coming together, people united. Let love, comfort and strength stretch, reach and cover Anna and her family.

10 thoughts on “people united

  1. christy

    Oh Heidi, you moved me to tears. This is the first time I’ve cried today though, so that’s a major improvement since Friday. I’m so sorry I was the one to break the news to you…but then again, if you had known first, I’d have wanted to know immediately too. Hugs. xo

  2. Toriz

    Oh no!

    This is awful news!

    Losing someone you love is never easy, but losing someone so young…

    There are no words to say how awful that is, nor how sorry I am to hear of her loss!

    *Sending hugs and sympathies to the family and friends*

  3. linda sue

    gutted…have not stopped crying since reading this post yesterday- had I never been a mom of a boy I may have been spare the utter undoing …so sorry. There is nothing one can say, or do, just send wishes and more wishes …

  4. IntenseGuy

    This is when words fail us – because we’ve no answer to “why” nor do we know what we can do to help – but secretly knowing there isn’t any thing we can do.

    But your words didn’t fail you. Your writing in this post is compactly powerful… and makes me sad for someone I’ve never met and do not know. I hope they come to terms with the inexplicable… and find the strength to move on and somehow know all that love pouring in – is sincere and for them.

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