Benjamin lifts the blanket warm with sleep, and squeezes my arm, “Mommy, let’s snuggle.”

I open my eyes slowly, one at a time. Gray morning light peeks through closed blinds. “Okay, Ben. Let’s.”

He buries his face into my neck and he begins the day with a sigh, “I wish you had your feet.”

I look over to where my ‘feet’ reside. Made of acrylic and metal they lean against the nightstand waiting for me to slide into them. I whisper, “My feet are right there, Ben. I’m okay.”

And I mean it…

I am honored to be featured over at Studio30 Plus today! I just became a member of their wonderful blogging community for people age 30 and up. I submitted an original (not from the blog archives) piece and I am absolutely delighted to be in their magazine. I wrote it in response to their writing prompt this week which was changes. You can find the rest of the story called Whole here. Please join me, won’t you?

13 thoughts on “changes

  1. christy

    I absolutely loved it Heidi! You are crazy talented, and so inspiring. I mean it.

    (I tried my best to leave a comment over there, but my membership is now pending approval from the head of the network?! If I get approved, I’ll comment there too!)

  2. Jessie Powell

    Congrats on being featured. It’s an AWESOME piece. I love how it describes both your own normal and the way your son is adjusting to it. His sense of humor and yours are fantastic.

  3. IntenseGuy

    🙂 So heartwarming… the acceptance of “it is as it is”, your little one’s obvious love for you, your talent being recognized… this is but the first ripples in the pond your writing is making.

  4. Kate Coveny Hood

    I’m completely inept at setting up memberships on new sites. So I’m commenting here. I love Ben’s competitive spirit about feet. Remember that George says you have “secret legs.” Kids are great.

  5. Lily

    Congrats! I am here for the first time and I love your style of writing so I believe it will be not the last time to come here. Go on!

  6. julie gardner

    Just the small taste of this piece here impels me to click over there.
    Good for you for branching out to Studio30 Plus!

    See you on the other side…

    1. heidi

      I am branching out all thanks to the advice on your blog, from Alexandra (the Empress) and one agent. 🙂
      Thanks so much for visiting!

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