finding ordinary in extraordinary

Looking into the mirror I am quick with my face, my hands. I apply make-up, think about today’s schedule, this month’s calendar of field trips and practices for recitals, and as I add mascara to my eyelashes I catch the green of my eyes, the scar that curves around the right side of my chin, the faint lines around my mouth. I see someone who has lived.

On our way to school, in the car, Annie asks me about Ottawa. “Is Ott-o-wa in Ontario?” Yes, it’s the capital of Canada. I tell Annie and Benjamin how we have nothing to do after school – a day of rest! They cheer! We arrive at school in 2 minutes and they lean into me to peck my lips before they tumble out of the car in a blur of backpacks, jackets and eagerness. Annie is the last one to leave. “Bye, mommy!” There is a moment where I see her. How our eyes are the same shape. Her face is changing, she’s growing older, determination set in her small shoulders. I see someone whose life has just begun.

I come home to a phone call from a family member asking can I talk to this girl who just lost her leg. After I find out what happened, I ask, “How old is she?” 23. The same age as me when my life changed. When I suffered burns and limb loss. When my life was divided into before and after…

To read the rest come over to Kimberly Speranza’s blog Sperk*and her fearless examination of life with two adolescent daughters. She is thoughtful, wise, and truly fearless with her writing and her heart. Seriously, her writing is fantastic. What a delight to be Wednesday’s Woman today where Kim honors woman bloggers! Read the rest of my post here.

7 thoughts on “finding ordinary in extraordinary

  1. christy

    I’m basically speechless after reading that AND watching that video. You’re so amazing – you the person, AND you the writer. xoxo

  2. heidi Post author

    Oh, you guys, thank you! I just finished with my rewrites for my book and this…all of this…was on my mind. Thank you for joining me at Kim’s today. She is just awesome. Your words and support and love mean the world to me.

  3. Kerstin

    “My body, my scars are a map of where I’ve been, of what I’ve fought for and overcome. Life begins over and over again.”

    This just blew my mind. It does begin over and over again, doesn’t it.

    When I think of what you went through I always feel bad of whining and complaining myself about being miserable and NOT where I want to be in my life. I think I’m just too impatient. It is just a process for each and everyone of us. And I am so glad that you are so well on your way of being where you want to be and doing what you want to do.

    I remember when I first heard about you. You know that I work with Shelley T. at Home Hardware and her husband is the fire chief in Merritt, right? She told me about when you came to Merritt and spoke in front of the firemen there at some dinner function. I remember that she said: “I met the most amazing woman ever last night!” AND IT’S TRUE!
    I am glad that I started following you on Twitter and reading your blog. I admire your writing skills and your thoughtfulness and your stubbornness!

    Very glad to have met you!

  4. Shyra Smith

    I am so inspired. I just loved reading your post. I think everyone needs to read your story and learn never to stop in life no matter what happens. You are an excellent writer. Keep up the good work with your beautiful words.

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