small celebrations

Annie shouts, “I’m a pony!” She prances through a field, zig-zagging through the tall grass. Benjamin skips along the path ahead of me, hands in his pockets. The sun is high, warming my shoulders, my face. I smile, basking in the day.

In their play, in their freedom, happiness comes easily. Between consuming schedules and registration for next year’s activities and when did my car become a living room and people who exhaust me, I lose perspective. Worry gets in the way of joy, busy overshadows delight.

Annie crouches on the path, her pony left behind, and scratches letters in the dirt. Ben is nearing the bend and soon he’ll be out of sight. He doesn’t stop to look over his shoulder, knowing I’m there, mere steps away. I cup my hands around my mouth, calling, “Ben, stop! You need to wait for us to catch up!”

He halts, kicking up dust. Annie joins me, slipping her hand in mine. My heart hitches. This, all of this, is life-giving. Something to celebrate. We walk along the river, and talk and talk and talk. Blooming trees. Is someone barbecuing? Look at the canoes! Picking dandelions. Inventing wishes. And there is quiet, too, just our footfalls and breaths between us.

I don’t have to do one more thing right now. We don’t have to be anywhere. I’m not yelling, “Stop fighting! Get your shoes on! We’ve got to go!” And tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll carve out rest, some time for myself. The hurry and rush of the week falls off my shoulders.

Near home Annie lifts my hand to her face, so my palm rests against her cheek. She sighs, “I love my life.” Ben turns around, “Me too!”

In their presence, I gain clarity. I need to be in the moment. “I love my life, too.”

Swept up

In a morning spent in White Rock

There is a great community full of gorgeous, fun and funny writing over at Yeah Write, and I am joining up with them again this week.

36 thoughts on “small celebrations

  1. Vanessa

    I’ve always wished I had appreciated those moments more. They did happen, occasionally the fighting and nagging were muted and the calm and pleasure were louder.

  2. Jeff D'Antonio

    It’s always the simple things that bring the most joy, isn’t it? In the rush of everyday life, the hurrying from here to there, the trying not to miss anything…it’s far too easy to miss everything.

    There is nothing better than slowing down and enjoying the moment. Right here, right now.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Jade

    “I love my life”? Your heart must have just exploded! Little treasure. What a simple, great day.

  4. tara pohlkotte

    these moments…they are everything. right there in the “nothing”. in the ordinary. we’ve got the world in a jar. love being in that moment with you, friend!

  5. stephanie

    Lovely Heidi. I love the details, hands in his pockets, scratching letters in the dirt, your palm on Annie’s cheek. I love my life. Are there any better words? I don’t think so. Beautiful photo, too , of the wide smiles. And as I’ve said before, and will no doubt say again, I love the style, the tone of your voice.

  6. WilyGuy

    Clarity in the moment with the joy rounding the bend ahead of you and worries non-existent in the rear-view… always a good thing.


  7. Robbie

    Perspective is everything and it’s so easy to lose in the hustle and bustle of life. This paints a vivid picture of a moment in time. I hope you enjoy slowing down and not rushing to the next practice/lesson/errand.

  8. Jennifer

    How amazing that kids can just say it right out: “I love my life.” What a gift. I want to be like Annie!You capture it all beautifully, Heidi. Thank you for reminding me about what’s important.

  9. Delilah

    Oh Heidi, that was beautiful. And exactly what I needed to read right now. Your words always move me in the best ways.

  10. Kerstin

    I wanna go on a walk with you! Can I bring my kids? We are heading to Vancouver in the summer for sure to the German embassy. Kids need new passports.
    Love your writing, reading this made me feel better instantly.

  11. Adrienne

    I need to be in this moment too. I full of complaints and PMS lately. I need to snap out of it. Thanks for the well written reminder. 🙂

  12. julie gardner

    I can’t imagine a better Mother’s Day gift (perhaps a bit early) than having your kids speak the words “I love my life” out loud.

    What a moment to remember forever.
    What beauty you have cultivated.

    The next time you’re feeling stuck, remember this. And you will know.
    You’re doing it right.

    Yes, you are.

  13. Carrie

    I had to go through the comments a few times to make sure I hadn’t already commented because I scribbled in my journal (i kept notes for the competition Lol) that I loved your writing and the fact that you were from BC was just a bonus!

    I love the imagery in your post and how it makes me nostalgic for warm spring days. Bah I wish we would have more of them this year!! Staring at clouds right now wishing that I was out walking the neighbourhood with my kiddios!

    Lovely post, thanks for sharing!

  14. Kate Coveny Hood

    Exactly! I stop and appreciate what I have often. I HAVE to because it’s so easy to get busy and bored and unfulfilled…and forget. The kids always put everything back into proper perspective. And I LOVE that he actually said, “I love my life.”

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