a very fancy feet Christmas sale

FANCY FEET has been busy, thanks to many of you! Book signings have been successful and so much fun. One of my favorite stores to visit was Third Place Books in Seattle. Shelves lined with beautiful first editions served as my backdrop as I read from my book to a lovely group of people including some supportive writerly friends. I shared a green room with The Wiggles just before my interview at Breakfast Television. I was reunited with 2 of my 4 rescuers at a BC Professional Fire Fighters burn fund event. Between driving my kids around, tackling my laundry, signing the one hundred and sixteenth school form and panicking over a too-big ballet costume for Annie, I’ll open my inbox to find kind messages like this one:

Hi Heidi
I want to thank you for sharing your amazing story. I just finished reading on my Kindle and was so sorry to reach the end. I felt like a dear friend had left. Best read I have had in a long time, your outlook is a great example to follow.
I wish you and your family the very best!

It has been an incredible few months and I am very grateful. Many dreams have come true.

AND, if you can believe it, the holiday season is almost here and I am having a FANCY FEET Christmas sale! Check out the reduced prices of my books here. I will also happily sign your books!

774_620111178053295_696701484_nHere I am standing with my heroes, 2 of the 4 Abbotsford firefighters who rescued me 15 years ago.

2 thoughts on “a very fancy feet Christmas sale

  1. Emily

    It’s the perfect gift!

    I’ve loved watching your post-publishing journey. You deserve every bit of this success, and I couldn’t be happier for you!

  2. julie gardner

    I just gave the book to my sister-in-law and mother-in-law who have been visiting with us since Wednesday. They left today with a copy in their luggage.

    I love spreading your words, Heidi.
    What a message for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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