the little things

“You have two kids!”

She smiled as I sat down in a chair and I smoothed my dress over my knees. I had stepped off the stage moments ago after telling my story to a group of women.

I signed the book she held in her outstretched hand. She moved closer, rested her hand on the table beside me as we talked. We didn’t discuss my disability. We didn’t dissect the car crash or the many reasons I was led to the stage this night. We talked about what we had in common. How we have two kids, a girl and a boy, two years apart. We swapped stories. “I used to drive my babies around for ages just so I could get some sanity.” “I never thought I’d repeat myself so much.” “I’ve turned up the music loud in the car…I mean loud…so I could drown out the whining. Oh the whining!” And we agreed – thank God for drive-thru Starbucks. We laughed over the innocence and craziness of our children, the perils of parenting. Mom stuff.

As our easy conversation came to an end, I stole a glance at my phone. Somewhere between speaking about loss and choosing hope, a text had come in. It was from my daughter Annie: Hi mummy just wanted to say an early goodnight and that I Love you. Followed by smiley faces and hearts. I sighed, my heart full. I typed: Awww…I love you too! I was just giving a speech. Miss you babycakes. Give Ben a hug for me. Smile for your ballet teacher tomorrow.

I held the phone in my hand and smiled at a woman walking toward me and I saw the word before it landed, before I felt its truth. Blessed. I am blessed.

Swept up
cache_180_155_2_100_80_necklace_rayoflight-1I was just introduced to this incredible organization Global Mothers at a friend’s Christmas party. “Women in North America may have differing economic environments than their counterparts in the Global South, but they too share the universal role of motherhood. From seeing the first smile to hearing the first words, being a mom is a new and powerful experience that connects women with each other. Global Mothers seeks to strengthen this connection through a product line that is designed specifically for new moms and their young children. When a mother in North America purchases a product to care for her child, she is in turn caring for another child in the Global South by providing valuable income for that child’s mother.” You guys! Isn’t that awesome?! I just bought beautiful bracelets for teacher’s gifts and I’m wondering how I can get a certain gorgeous necklace into my stocking. AND you can shop online! I am in love with their stuff and their message: Every product has a story. Buy good.




12 thoughts on “the little things

  1. Kate Coveny Hood

    SO blessed. Every day I think, “this is the happiest we’ll ever be” – and I hope I will ALWAYS think that (“no, THIS is the happiest we’ll ever be”). Life is messy and scary and complicated, but my children have given the struggles purpose. They are the prize (even on those days when I wish I could go for 3 out of 5).

    1. heidi

      Oh I love what you said here Kate. Life can be messy and scary and complicated AND they are the prize. Well said, my friend. I’m going to hang onto that.

  2. Emily

    such a beautiful post, i love those moments with our kids when it makes the really hard one’s all worthwhile. And I just ordered a bunch of stuff from global mothers for xmas too. I love their jewellery!!!

    1. heidi

      Isn’t their jewellery beautiful?! I’m giving every teacher a wrap bracelet and I just bought another beautiful piece for a family member. I just love what they’re all about.
      And me too! To those lovely moments that make the hard ones worthwhile. The good far outweighs the bad – always. I just need reminding sometimes.

  3. Kerstin @ Auer Life

    “I saw the word before it landed, before I felt its truth. Blessed.” – that just slayed me, Heidi.
    How true, we are blessed. What a good place to be in and I’m so glad you are.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. heidi

      Merry Christmas to you, friend! I have such a love/hate relationship with the internet, but this is the part I love. Where I get to connect with and befriend people I’ve met here. I’m so thankful for you, Kerstin. Much, much love and joy to you and your lovely family.

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  5. Leslie S. Miller

    First of all, thank you for building this site and for sharing your story. I think it it’s great that are you are willing to share your personal story of survival and yes, you are right. You are blessed. We are all blessed if only we take the time to notice. You can’t see the miracles in your life if you only see with your eyes. You have to see Miracles in your heart. Sometimes the things that distress are miracles. If we have Faith, even the worst nightmare or problem, can become a miracle when we use it to turn the tables and bring God into our lives. I also, have a story to tell…one about when I was brutally attacked about 12 years ago. I could have been a statistic. I wasn’t. God was with me. I actually have written a book about Miracles: true-life miracles that I have experienced myself. I’m not writing it for illusions of grandeur or to shamelessly try to make tons of money and I’m not doing it strictly for publicity. I honestly want to help people. I want to and was direct by the Holy Spirit to share that book. The book is called “In His Glory, A Book of Miracles” by Leslie Miller and it should be available on Kindle by the end of this week. One chapter is called “The story it hurts to tell” that’s my personal story of coming back from a horrible incident. So I understand. If you get a moment, I would like to personally invite you and your readers to my website and blog at http;//

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