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I was so excited when Suzanne Broughton, editor of OC Register Family Magazine, contacted me to be a contributing writer to the Parenting Voices of their magazine. Suz and I go way back. When I first ventured into blogging her blog Alive in Wonderland was the first one I began to read. I loved her writing, her photographs and her voice. I was hooked and charmed into commenting, and what a thrill when she replied and read my blog. I had the delight of meeting her and her beautiful family in Disneyland a few years ago. Suz is as gorgeous in person as she is in the online world. So. When she asked me to write for her of course I said yes. I was thrilled again, and honoured.

Below is the beginning of the article: A happy ending for mom left disabled by crash

I worried about being a disabled mother. Would I be enough for my kids? A few years before the car crash when life was unbroken, no line on the horizon, I had been a nanny to two boys. I took those boys everywhere – to the park for wild adventures in the ravine. I gave them piggybacks and played until I was spent.

At the age of 19, I thought I could be a good mom one day. At 23, I dated someone I could dream with and then one terrible evening everything changed. My life was divided into before and after by a car crash that killed my friend, burnt over half my body and cost me both my legs. During the seven months in the burn unit and the five months at rehabilitation, my boyfriend, Scott, was there and we chose to walk through this world together.

Two years later, Scott and I got married, and we were thrilled and nervous as we anticipated our first child. There were concerns about my legs. Would my prosthetic legs fit as I gained weight? Would my grafted skin stretch enough to accommodate the growing baby inside me?

You can read the rest here at OC Register.

5 thoughts on “a disabled mother

  1. tara pohlkotte

    you are a perfect voice to have contribute. no matter that our circumstances aren’t exactly the same, you always make me feel more at home within my life, and my self. you have such a gift friend. truly.

  2. Katie

    I loved this Heidi! It’s so interesting and inspiring to hear more about your life as a parent. I love how balanced you are in your approach to motherhood; your kids sound fantastic so you should be very proud!

  3. Dana

    Oh my goodness, this is such a heartwarming story! Heidi, you are clearly such a brave and strong person, and a wonderful mother. I found this article because the title “a disabled mother” caught my eye in a very personal way – my mother had Multiple Sclerosis and by the time I was learning how to drive, she stopped walking. A few years later she was paralyzed from the waist down. Yet, YET, she was the most wonderful, involved, and loving mother I could ever have wanted (she passed away seven years ago). I never EVER saw her as a handicapped mother. She was always, and will always be, simply, and wonderfully, my mother.

    Good luck with your writing, career, and your journey as a mother.

    1. heidi Post author

      Dana, this brought tears to my eyes. With all my heart, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story. Sometimes I worry that I’m not enough or don’t do enough for my kids, so to hear about you and your mother gives me hope and strength. Thank you. I needed your words today.

  4. Karla

    This is such an inspiring story. It truly motivates and inspires us to push past our limitations. They don’t always have to be physical. As parents we many times feel so limited and helpless, but it is usually fear. We all have it within us to push past our limits and fears and I so very much thank you for inspiring us by sharing a part of your life that am sure was painful but you accomplished to dig deep within you and allow your biggest pain to become your biggest blessing as you have moved forward and become who you presently are on your way to where you are going. You stand for everything I believe in which is to inspire, encourage and exhort others through your stories which may have been painful but didn’t keep you there.
    I started a blog to inspire others http://www.sprinkleofinspiration.com and I thank you because it is people like you that motivate me to push through at times where I may feel like giving up. Thank you!

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