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An introduction to Fancy Feet, the book:

I emerged from a two week coma to the voice of my boyfriend of just six weeks telling me I was in a car crash that led to the death of my best friend, burns to 52% of my body and my right leg amputated below the knee.

As I struggled to piece together what remained of my life, multiple surgeries forced me to be a patient at the burn unit for seven months, my left leg was also amputated and the reckless driver responsible for my situation lied to the police. While so much was beyond my control I was confronted with this question: Will I be a victim or a survivor?

Though determined to return to ordinary life, I learn to embrace the extraordinary and find within myself strength, beauty, and a relentless hope. Overcoming this tragedy required me to learn to use prosthetic legs, fight for justice in court, choose to forgive the driver, allow myself to be loved, and start a family with my boyfriend who stood by me. Readers can take this spirit to the trials they face every day in their own lives: at their jobs, while parenting, wondering about the next phase of their lives, or when they are thrown into the unexpected. Instead of being a victim and letting life happen to them, they can choose the role of survivor.

It has been 15 years since the crash. This is my first full length piece. In addition to my memoir, over the past three years, I have grown a faithful following on my blog Fancy Feet ( I have also told my story to audiences across Canada including the British Columbia Legislative Assembly in Victoria, and more than 3,000 fire-fighters from every state and province in North America at the International Association of Fire Fighters’ Biennial Convention where I shared a billing with Hillary Clinton.

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