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You know that state in a dream where you’re in it, but not in it? Where the edges are blurred? You’re drifting between the otherworldly and whatever it is that binds you to the earth? Where you can make out color but not what the color belongs to? Something is going on, something that feels like a story with a plot and character development and you’re anticipating the next move? Where you float above your body? You’re not truly present and, damn, you wish you were? It is at your fingertips, but you can’t curl your fingers around it yet?

The edges of my life are blurry, but as I get closer I know it will get sharper and come into focus. And I’ll be able to see it for what it is, what it was, and what it will be.

Swept Up

In Details in the Fabric by Jason Mraz feat. James Morrison
The lyrics to this are beautiful. You can listen to the song here. It isn’t the best link. You need to scroll down a bit and click on the song. I tried looking for others. I’m sure they’re out there. I am really, really not computer savvy. Anyway, give the song a listen. It’s lovely.