Motivational Speaking

Each of us has one life. How are you going to live your life? That’s the question I was confronted with when tragedy struck and it’s a question I ask the audience. Everyone has a story. What kind of story do you want? I want people to see what’s possible – that where there’s tragedy there can be hope; what seems insurmountable can be overcome and where there is loss you can be rich.

The moment I stepped onto a stage to tell my story in front of two thousand people six years ago, I was hooked. I spoke for only five minutes that night and I have been fortunate to repeat the experience again and again.

I’ve told my story to audiences across Canada including the British Columbia Legislative Assembly in Victoria, and more than 3,000 fire-fighters from every state and province in North America at the International Association of Fire Fighters’ Biennial Convention where I shared a billing with Hillary Clinton. I’ve been privileged to be a part of panels at World Burn Congress for the Phoenix Society and to have a seat on the board of the Burn Fund Building for the BC Professional Firefighters Burn Fund. I also serve as a Road Safety Speaker for ICBC.

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“Your story was captivating and vulnerable, yet it exuded strength, courage and positivity. The recollection of your journey and experiences was inspiring and highlighted the need for hope and optimism even in the darkest of times. Moreover, your story underscores the importance of not overlooking the impact that we, as law enforcement officers and as human beings, can make in someone else’s life and subsequently, their impact on our lives, forming an everlasting bond.”

Adam Palmer, Chief Constable Commanding Officer – Vancouver Police Department

“Heidi is real, sincere, motivating and matter of fact. Her story is all that and comfortable for all to hear; it exudes confidence yet is raw and vulnerable, positive and moving.  HEIDI – H.elping E.veryone I.dentify D.aily I.nspirations.”

Tony Burke
Operations Director at Feeding South Dakota

“Heidi’s presentation was full of emotion, challenge and inspiration.  Her personal message was perfectly tailored to our needs; she has an ability to captivate her audience with impassioned stories based on her life experiences.  Anyone can benefit from Heidi’s message which will undoubtedly leave you with a sense of empowerment and hope.”

David Tomkinson
Fire Chief, City of Merritt

“I’ve seen Heidi Cave bring listeners to tears and inspire greatness all in the same talk. Her story of courage, hope and optimism is exactly what the world needs now–her message resonates with people from all walks of life, all income, all backgrounds. She’s outstanding.”

Jordan Bateman
Director of Communications ICBA