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2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Kathy

    Hi Heidi, We’ve never met in person but I’ve been with you in spirit for years. My husband, Richard, and I managed the mobile home park on the corner of Horne and Maclure at the time of your crash. I listened with disbelief and watched in terror as that purple car screamed down Maclure that day. Our prayers for you and Betty started on impact and you’ve been in my thoughts many times since then. Tonight I found myself thinking of you and ‘googled’ your name. Thank you for sharing your story of strength and love and sheer determination. It was a tiny gesture to start that petition to have strop lights installed at that intersection, it was gratifying to see them put in place. To erect a sign to honor Betty’s memory and offer support for you hopefully gave thought to drivers. Best wishes to you!


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